Summer Style Ideas by Bloggers: How to Style Summer Rompers, Jumpsuits, and Pants

The summer solstice for this year is in two days, and, as is tradition at this point, I'm rounding up some of the most fashionable bloggers' summer OOTDs in the latest installment of my Style Ideas by Bloggers series. I may not be a fan of this hot, humid weather, but I'm definitely in love with these outfits!

One difference you'll notice in this installment of the series is that I have the guide divided into three posts: this one for styling summer rompers, jumpsuits, and pants; one next week for styling summer dresses; and another one the following week for styling summer skirts.

In this post, Christine, Deb, Ashley, Elizabeth, and Liv will be showing us how they style rompers and jumpsuits, and Hannah, Kristin, and Ruya will be showing us how they style pants.

As I was writing this post, it occurred to me: what even is the difference between a romper and a jumpsuit? I took my question to our all-knowing overlord, Google, and there is unsurprisingly a ton of varying definitions, but the gist seems to be that rompers are characterized by short pants, and jumpsuits are characterized by long pants.

Sounds legit enough to me. Let's get into it!

Christine is a Philadelphia-based fashion, travel, and lifestyle content creator and blogger. She's committed to sharing her passion for all things travel, food, fashion, beauty, music, and lifestyle through an authentic and vulnerable lens via YouTube, Instagram, and her blog. Christine Celine is a space to share her innermost thoughts, experiences, and love for the world through a narrative that connects to each and every one of you. Last but not least, Christine loves music tremendously and loves sharing monthly playlists. Whether it's her favorite products, a bomb playlist, an everyday routine, or a recent trip, Christine Celine hopes to inspire you to widen your horizons and pursue your passions.

In this outfit, Christine styled a patterned romper with understated strappy heels. She also paired it with a plain denim jacket for a day-to-night transition outfit.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

By day, Deb leads product management for a Silicon Valley tech giant. By night (and on weekends), she blogs! She loves all things beautiful and spends most of her time photographing or writing about fashion and doing DIY projects around her house, changing up the décor for the season. A few times a year, she travels far and wide and writes about her experiences. On Deesignplay, you can find the latest on fashion, DIY décor, and travel.

Here, Deb has styled a culottes-esque jumpsuit. By combining it with a dark, multicolor headband, a straw crossbody, sandals, and bright nail polish, she gave the jumpsuit a southwestern look.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

Ashley is an encourager, writer, bookworm, people person, and avid Google searcher. Her blog, The Honey Scoop, is a place where young women's stories can be shared, inspiring us all to live our best lives. On The Honey Scoop, you'll find videos of young women telling stories of their lives, and just warning you, they are certainly tear jerkers. It's also a place on all things college, faith, beauty, and fashion. This website is your resource for learning how to put your best foot forward in whatever situation life throws at you through faith, hope, and love.

Ashley has also styled a culottes-esque jumpsuit but one in a neutral color. She amped up the tan by choosing a jumpsuit with a tie-around accent and paired it with some patterned fabric sandals.

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Behind the über feminine and creatively curated fairytale world that is Lizzie in Lace is the California fashion blogger Elizabeth, a Kate Spade-obsessed, flower crown-wearing, dress-twirling kind of girl who believes in wearing tulle skirts for any occasion, eating cupcakes for breakfast, and sporting sequins during the day. Created in 2015 as an outlet to share daily outfits, Lizzie in Lace has become its own unique brand that women from all over the world visit for fashion inspiration. Lizzie in Lace is an online destination for millennials to feel inspired by all things feminine and pretty and is dedicated to creating positivity and happiness while encouraging women to add a little sparkle to their day through colorful and chic fashion, beauty, and travel posts.

Elizabeth has also styled a jumpsuit in a neutral color, but hers uses lace trimming and off-shoulder sleeves as accents. She paired it with a matching purse and shoes but added a pop of color with bright lipstick.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

There is never a dull moment in Liv's life. When she's not working her full-time job, striving to hit the gym a couple times a week, making sure to get at least seven hours of sleep a night, attempting to date, or juggling a social life, she's the well-known fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger over at LivForStyle. She uses LivForStyle as a creative outlet and her Instagram to document her crazy adventures as a 23-year-old in New York City. More importantly, she uses them to inspire women around the world to use today's fashion and beauty trends to express themselves in a healthy, self-fulfilling lifestyle.

Liv's jumpsuit is kind of a culmination of Christine, Deb, and Ashley's/Elizabeth's looks in that it has a bold pattern but is in a neutral color palette. Here, she has it styled with simple, matching accessories.

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Hannah is the creator and writer behind Mimosas & Lipstick. She's been blogging for about four months and has been loving sharing affordable fashion with so many amazing humans. She has found the blogosphere to be such a positive place! After she graduated college and started a full-time job, she started her blog as a creative outlet, and she could've never imagined all the opportunities it's given her.

Moving into styling pants, here, Hannah's outfit is also understated, but it uses ruffled sleeves and pant hem, a wrap-around shirt hem, patterned pants, and some studded strappy sandals to add that unexpected touch that adds interest.

Click here to check out her blog.

Kristin is an affordable fashion and travel blogger who recently moved from Germany back to the U.S. On her blog, Countdown to Friday, you can find real style and real travel tips for the everyday girl. When she's not shopping or traveling, Kristin is spending time with her Australian Shepherd, Rascal, and trying to balance healthy living with a serious love of fried food.

Kristin's outfit draws focus to her relaxed jeans by combining them with matching accessories in a neutral color. The mild distress and wash of the jeans and its raw-cut hem amped up the look.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

Ruya is the writer behind the Dallas-based fashion and lifestyle blog Sweet, Short & Stylish. Ruya works as a social media specialist during the day and spends her nights shooting the latest looks that are perfect for the 20-something.

Ruya has also opted for an understated summer outfit, which draws interest with the lace detailing in her top and with a purse that matches her shoes, the strap of which falls just below the hem of her jeans.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

From what Ruya, Kristin, Hannah, Liv, Elizabeth, Ashley, Deb, and Christine have shown us, it definitely looks like this summer's fashion trends are all about taking understated pieces and elevating them with eye-catching patterns, interesting accessories, and unexpected accents.

For more summer style inspiration, check out the previous "Summer Style Ideas by Bloggers" post. Also, don't forget to check back next week for my post on how bloggers style summer dresses and the week after that for how bloggers style summer skirts. To be notified of these posts, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

What are your favorite summer style trends?
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Dress in the Color of the Year with StyleWe*

I am one of those women who dress in shades of black, so unsurprisingly, green is not a common color in my closet, let alone such a specific shade as greenery. I literally have four pieces of green clothing in my closet, only two of which I actually wear, so when StyleWe reached out to me to showcase their products, I was immediately drawn to how colorful and vibrant they are, so if you are like me and need to inject some color into your closet, look no further than StyleWe, especially with these gorgeous dresses and coats. If you are brave enough, you can even layer them.

In line with the theme of vibrant and colorful, StyleWe is also party dress express! They have everything ranging from classy and elegant evening dresses to showstoppingly sexy pieces. If you are in the market for a new Valentine's Day outfit, for example, this is a great place to start, if only for some inspiration. I was browsing the website while planning for this post, and it struck me how well styled the outfits are, so I enjoyed even just clicking around for outfit combinations to try.

Also, StyleWe apparently has a blog that covers topics on fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle, and women power, so inspiration really does abound with posts such as "How to Cut Bangs Hairstyle."

What are your thoughts on the color of the year, greenery?
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My 2016 MVPs (Most Valuable Posts) and a 2017 Forecast

One more year has come and gone. Well, it will still be around for about four days, I guess. We still have the week! Either way, the sad, nostalgic lament of "Wow, time flies" is overplayed and growing old (just like I am, sigh), so I will sidestep all of the cliché sentiments and move into a foreword of sorts for my ten most popular posts for the year.

At the start of the year, I resolved to post twice a week, once on Tuesday and once on Thursday. I am still a full-time graduate student with what is essentially a full-time teaching and research job, so I decided to start with an easy and manageable schedule that I can add to once I get the ball rolling again (My blog took a huge hit when I disappeared on that unexpected hiatus). I stuck to the schedule surprisingly well for the first half of the year, especially after I launched my Weekly Reading series that I added to every Thursday.

Blogging finally became a routine for me. It was such a sustainable and efficient schedule that I even had time to dedicate to regularly updating my Instagram. I was slowly creating an aesthetic for it and was building up my following, so I finally felt like ExtraExtravagant was getting back on track and growing again. Things were going so well that I considered finally expanding into creating YouTube videos.

Then, this past Fall semester hit, and everything basically went to shit. I was taking four classes as a student, teaching two classes for my teaching assistantship, and working on a grant-funded project for my research assistantship. How graduate school usually works is you take two to three classes per semester and work on either a teaching or a research assistantship. It did not work out that way for me, unfortunately. What that means is that once August hit, 24 hours in a day became way too little time for all of that, let alone blogging, so yet again, I had to place blogging on the backburner.

Fortunately, I was still able to produce a few posts, and I am so glad that a few of them managed to make it into the lineup of my ten most popular posts for 2016.

Here they are! You can click on the titles to navigate to the posts themselves.

10. July Haul

9. 5 Hair Myths You Shouldn't Believe

It does not come as a surprise that the Celebrity Style Inspiration for Any Age post is the most popular one. The series itself was probably my most popular series when I launched it in 2015. This is the most recent one, but I planned for the series as a whole to have four more installments (40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s and Beyond). If 2017 goes as hoped, I should be able to complete the entire series by the end of next year.

Another series that I want to continue into 2017 is Style Ideas by Bloggers, my most popular series for this year. I was actually able to complete it for 2016, and three out of the four total 2016 posts made it into this lineup. One of my favorite aspects of running this series is the opportunity it provides me (and you) to connect with other bloggers, so I do not see this series going away anytime soon.

Besides that, the guides (albeit clickbait-y) seem to be a reader favorite too, and the good news is that I have quite a few ideas for more of them all sitting around as drafts, so I hope to be able to get to them too in 2017.

I honestly have no idea how 2017 will go. This coming Spring semester, I will only be taking two classes, but I still have my teaching and research assistantships. Plus, it will be my graduating semester, so I have my entire thesis research project to conduct and write up to prepare to defend and hopefully graduate! After that, I will be going home to Malaysia to visit my family for at least the summer, and everything after that is super tentative and in-the-air, so I really have no idea if I'll be able to get back into blogging consistently again. Fingers crossed!

What types of posts do you typically expect from a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog?
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Winter Style Ideas by Bloggers

I want to believe that Winter is upon us, but we have only had two days of mild snow thus far in Iowa. It has been freezing cold, though, with temperatures below ten degrees, but this week, it is supposed to climb back up to the high 30s, which actually sounds like repose.

On a different note, with tomorrow being the official first day of Winter, it is time for another installment of Style Ideas by Bloggers! Winter is my favorite season for this series because we have bloggers who live in different areas with different climates, so they transition into the new season in different ways!

At The Pink Paperdoll, you can get inspired to find the beautiful details in your life through décor, travel, fashion, and nature. In addition to lifestyle blogging, Abbie works as a freelance writer.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

Liv is a college student, YouTuber, blogger, and social media lover, who lives for fashion, makeup, and exciting adventures. Liv for Style was launched as the place to go to for inspirational style, the 411 on fashion, advice on beauty, and a variety of informative lifestyle topics. Liv uses Liv for Style as a creative outlet and to inspire women around the world to use today's trends in fashion and beauty to express themselves in a healthy and self-fulfilling lifestyle.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

Jordan is a 23-year-old Los Angeles, CA-based blogger who started The Teacup of Style as a way to express her creativity and inner fashionista. She recently graduated from college and is pursuing her teaching credentials in elementary education. In addition to her blog and career endeavors, Jordan is knee-deep in planning for her wedding in June. The Teacup of Style is proof that sometimes, the busiest of people make for the best fashionistas.

By day, Deb leads product management for a Silicon Valley tech giant. By night (and on weekends), she blogs! She loves all things beautiful and spends most of her time photographing or writing about fashion and doing DIY projects around her house, changing up the décor for the season. A few times a year, she travels far and wide and write to blog about her experiences. On Deesignplay, you can find the latest on fashion, DIY décor, and travel.

Click here for the featured outfit post.

Written by Cait, a Chicago-based 20-something navigating the PR industry, blogging, and the L, Sophisticaition is a personal style blog dedicated to helping you look, feel, and be your best self.

Click here for the featured outfit post.

Where the Pretty Things Are is a life and style blog written by Lydia, a Wisconsinite with a love for fashion and beauty. She focuses on affordable style, everyday makeup tutorials, and everything in between. Lydia shares her insight of the fashion and beauty world with all of her readers, offering them the very best the world has to offer.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

Lauren is a 21-year-old college student and the writer behind My Life as Lauren. She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and currently resides in Richmond, VA. Lauren is a style addict, foodie, and loves throwing parties for every occasion. On her blog, she shares lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food pieces while trying to inspire her readers to live a fun and happy life! Her goal is to be your virtual bestie, and she loves having conversations with readers on social media.

Click here for the featured outfit post.

Imperfect Idealist is a blog documenting the ponderings and personal style of a girl with outlandish dreams, too many clothes, and an insatiable hunger for adventure. It's a space for the creator, Lily, to bare her soul about her latest study abroad misadventure, grueling endurance race, or existential crisis. By writing, she seeks resonance with her life, with herself, and with others. By sharing such raw stories, she hopes to show that we're not alone on this wild, beautiful journey.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

Lizzie in Lace is a personal petite style blog showcasing feminine fashion with a bit of whimsy. There, you can find OOTD inspiration, styling tips and tricks, and a great community of women who are positive and uplifting. Liz is a Kate Spade-obsessed, flower crown wearing, dress twirling kind of girl who believes in wearing tulle skirts for any occasion, eating cupcakes for breakfast, and sporting sequins during the day. Aside from blogging, she teaches guitar as a profession, enjoys traveling, and loves to draw.

Click here to read the featured outfit post.

For more fashion inspiration, check out the Style Ideas by Bloggers posts from past seasons.

Who are your favorite style bloggers for fashion inspiration?
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