2013 Resolutions

Hello, world.

In all honesty, it doesnt feel like a new year. I grew up having school start in January and end in November so Im usually really excited about new years because its a chance to renew everything. Now that Im in college in the United States and school starts in August and ends in May, the new year is starting to feel like it begins in August. I used to still be excited about new years but three years into college starting in the middle of the year, Ive grown nonchalant towards new years.

I also dont believe in resolutions. Ive never stuck to any of them. 20 years of not following my resolutions has turned me into quite the skeptic. Besides, if theres something about yourself that you want to change, you dont have to wait for a new year. If you want something done, do it. Dont wait.

HOWEVER, I do realize that with a new year comes a determination that only new years can bring, which makes it the perfect time for some people to turn over a new leaf.

This year, after some thought, Ive decided that I want to change my lifestyle. If you know me, you know that Im too inactive for my own good, I eat unhealthily, and I laze around too much. My resolution is to change all of that. I feel like changing my lifestyle will give me more energy to get things done, to give me a more positive outlook on life.

So there you have it. I made resolutions. When 2014 rolls around, we'll all see if I stuck to it.


  1. i wish you the best! i still need to make my wishlist ;)

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Thank you!
      I still need to make a wishlist too.
      I'll probably work on it tomorrow so check back if youre interested!
      Thank you for reading.