January 2013 Wishlist

Hello, world.

It has probably been made obvious by now that I will not be sticking to a weekly schedule after all. When I first decided to start this blog, I didnt think that Id have this much stuff to blog about. So, now, I'll be posting whenever I have something to blog about. There will, however, not be more than one post per day.

Todays post is my January 2013 wishlist.

It is a really small wishlist mainly because I just bought a bunch of stuff from ELF. I'll write a haul post once I get them.
  1. Lancome Hypnose Star mascara in Noir Midnight: This is a fairly new product from Lancome. It boasts both volumizing and lengthening properties, things that everyone looks for in a mascara. Im interested in trying it out for an embarassing reason. I really like the design on the tube, LOL. Of course, I also look for the properties in the mascara but come on, you have to admit that its kinda pretty.
  2. Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balm in Pink Punch: So, Ive heard a lot of good things about this tinted lip balm. My lips have been acting out lately because of the below-freezing temperatures so wearing lipstick has been taking serious tolls on my lips. Because of that, Ive been wearing tinted Chapstick. Speaking of which, Chapstick does wonders, you guys. Its amazing. When my lips are super chapped, I just coat (And I mean COAT) my lips in the original one before bed and I'll wake up to completely healed lips. True story. Anyway, digression aside, I want to try out Baby Lips because I need the moisturizing property that my lipsticks/stains lack.
  3. OPI Liquid Sand nail polish in Get Your Number: The reason this nail polish is called Liquid Sand is because it supposedly is made up of tiny particles that give it the glitter. Get Your Number is a blue shade. This product promises super glitter on your nails so I definitely want to try it out.
Before I end this post, there is one other product that Ive been wanting for a while.

This is Ianti nail polish in Natural Red. You may not be able to tell from the (shitty) picture but its just a normal red.

In 2010, before I started college, I was working full-time at a financial advisory company. One of my colleagues was selling these so I bought this shade from her to show support. Little did I know, this is the BEST NAIL POLISH EVER. Even now, two (three?) years later, I still love it. I regret not having bought more shades from her because I cannot find these anywhere! I even tried EBay but theyre just nowhere to be found.

So, one other thing that I want to get my hands on is more Ianti nail polishes. Why do I love them? They have the easiest application, highest pigment, shortest drying time. Im serious, Ianti is the nail polish of all nail polishes.

Aaand this concludes my January 2013 wishlist post. Thank you for reading. Follow me if youre waiting on that ELF haul post. (;

Do you have a January 2013 wishlist? Put your link in the Comments section and I'll check it out!
Have you tried any of the products in my wishlist? Tell me what you think!
Also, if you know where I can get some Ianti nail polishes, let me know!


  1. ADORE the OPI nail polish! ESSIE is great too!

    1. Ive never tried Essie.
      Ive seen them around but Ive never actually tried them.
      I probably should.
      Are there any shades that you recommend?
      Thank you for reading.

  2. These are my favorites..especially Baby Lips <3

    Check out my blog at: www.beauty-fulll.blogspot.com

    1. Yeah, a lot of people rave about Baby Lips.
      Which shade is your favorite?
      Thank you for reading.

  3. I LOVE Baby Lips! They're really affordable and does wonders! Btw, why don't you just get the IANTI polishes from Helen when you come back?

    1. Yeah, I might get them soon and yeah, I might just do that.
      Thank you for reading.