La Fresh Nail Polish Remover Review

Hello, world.

I have finally gotten around to writing a review for the final sample from my December Birchbox. It isnt that I have been putting it off. What happened was that I was going to post this on New Years Day but I decided that thats too insensitive. So, the plan was actually to post this the following day on the 2nd.

But I forgot.

It wasnt until my sister asked about it that I was like OH SHIT.

So here you are, LOL.

This is a nail polish remover tissue by La Fresh.

To be honest, I didnt really like it. Its acetone-free so it takes forever to remove your nail polish, especially if you use base/top coats. Although, as promised, one tissue is enough to clean all ten of your nails. It also boasts conditioning properties, which is true to its word because even though it took forever to remove my nail polish, it did leave my nails and cuticles feeling soft. With normal nail polish remover, you can sorta feel like your nails and cuticles were damaged almost and this product doesnt make them feel that way.

Overall, if you have the patience for it, I definitely recommend this product.

The full-size product (20 individual packets) sells for $9.99.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?
What is your favorite nail polish remover?

Thank you for reading!
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  1. There are definitely lots of products out there but I have always stick with a great Sally Hansen one - removes nail polish super easily!

    1. Yeah, Ive heard good things about Sally Hansen nail polish removers.
      I have one of their top coats and I love it!
      Thank you for reading.

  2. I love my Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover. It's the one in the pink bottle. It has nail strengthening properties too! Love it! Great post :) Your guest post is already up on my blog btw.

    1. I must check out the Sally Hansen nail polish remover!
      Youre the second person to say that its your favorite.
      Thank you for reading.