New Shoes 2

Hello, world.

It has been a while. Classes started on Monday so Ive been busy trying to keep up with 18 credits as well as have forms submitted to switch back to being an English major as well as attend informational sessions on a few positions that Ive set my sights on as well as apply for scholarships as well as catch up on reading for class.

So, as you can tell, I havent had much free time on my hands. I havent been to work in a while too because of that and the next time I'll be back at work is actually on Saturday which will be my first ever shift as a supervisor. It may sound strange, but I miss being at work. Training for my other job is on Sunday and students will probably soon start getting tutoring from me on top of that so my days are only going to get busier.

But if I have time to get on my computer and get online, I dont see why I cant take a little more time to blog, especially since I have so much to talk about!

For today, I'll actually be writing about my new shoes.

Youre probably thinking, AGAIN?! Because I just bought new shoes not too long ago. Im not really a shoe person. I may have a lot of shoes but they all fill specific needs. Like, I wont have two pairs of wedge heels or two pairs of high boots. Does that make sense? Oh, well.

But so this pair is actually for work. Since I have to be all formal dressy now for work, I realized that I dont have anything thats appropriate. I do have my "interview heels" as I like to call them but this new position requires A LOT of standing and walking so I decided to get flats instead. How in the hell have I never owned flats before this? It escapes me.

And also I dont do spur-of-the-moment purchases with shoes. I do it a lot with makeup and clothes but not shoes. Refer above for why. So I actually take time to contemplate whether I really need them or not and then I'll start hunting for cheap pairs (or reasonably priced pairs).

Ive heard a lot about ASOS but Ive never really checked it out. Well, I eventually did and it was a great decision because I found this pair.

This is the ASOS LULU Ballet Flats and they sell for $21.11. HOWEVER, when I bought them, theyre on sale for $10.55. Thats a pretty good deal for flats. So thats why I made my first purchase from ASOS.

And that is all for today.

Thank you for reading!

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