New Shoes

Hello, world.

I always promise myself that I will stop spending. Despite that, I always, always, ALWAYS find a way to rationalize in my head that I need it. This time, I bought myself some booties.

This is the Tiktok-26 by Bamboo. I bought it from If you havent heard of this website, you should check it out RIGHT NOW. Their prices are comparitively lower than all other similar places. It says on there that this pair of booties costs $27.90, but for some reason, I feel like I bought it for a little less.

I usually wear a size 8, but I have NO IDEA why I bought these in 7.5. I want to say that 8s were sold out, but looking at it now, they arent so it really is beyond me at this point.

Theyre pretty as you can probably tell (If youre into these kinda booties, that is). Theyre kinda uncomfortable to walk in, probably because theyre half a size too small, but we'll see if I can stretch it out. Other than that, it doesnt hurt or anything so yeah.

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  1. Ooo very cute boots!! My secret to stop spending is becoming a sucks but I'm saving money! hehe =)

    Ergo - Blog

    1. Yeah, I love them!
      A hermit?
      Thank you for reading.