Hello, world.

I havent been posting much and those of you whove been following me since Day One would know that I post pretty much every day so Im just here to tell you that Im still very much alive.

Im an International Orientation Leader, have been since Summer 2012, so Ive just been swamped with doing that since Monday. Ive been having to wake up at 4AM and going to bed at 9PM so I really didnt have much time to do anything else. Even if I did, my ten-hour days had me completely exhausted by the time I get home anyway.

BUT I do just want to tell you guys that I still have a bunch of things lined up.

I finally checked out ASOS and bought some stuff so that post will be coming up probably tomorrow. I also have my ELF haul. There was a huge mixup with my order so itll have to be postponed but I'll definitely blog about it because I mean it when I say HUGE mixup. Also, I recently got promoted at work so I'll probably have OOTDs and FOTDs coming soon.

See, I havent forgotten you guys!

Thank you again for reading, for following. Talk to you soon! (;


  1. HI there! I'm Hanna. I'm your newest follower!!! Lovely space you have here! I hope you have a great weekend! You can find me in my little corner anytime at

    xoxoxo Hanna

    1. Hi, Hanna!
      Thank you for visiting.
      I'll take a look at your blog.

  2. Replies
    1. I will update soon.
      Thank you for reading!