Skin&Co Roma Sicilian Body Gel Review

Hello, world.

Today, I will be reviewing one of the samples from my February Birchbox. It is the Skin&Co Roma Cleansing Body Gel with Olive & Sicilian Orange Extracts.

I was disappointed by this product. Birchbox was raving about it, and I was looking forward to trying it out. After I finally did, it turns out that this product did not live up to my expectations at all.

I like my shower gels super foamy. This product does not deliver on that side of things, which could be a big reason why I didnt like it. The fragrance is strange - a little orangey but also with a hint of something that I cant seem to put my finger on. Olive maybe? The fragrance isnt all that strong, which is also something that mightve played a part in deterring me because I like strong scents in my shower gels.

Overall, I do not personally like this product. Its probably one of those products that work long-term. For me, I feel like samples should work short-term so that we know whether or not we want to invest in it.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?
What is your favorite shower gel?

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