Chicago: Day 2

Hello, world.

My post today will be about Day Two in Chicago.

For the post on Day One, please click here.

The original plan was to head to the Navy Pier but one of the train stations that we stopped at was the one for Chinatown. Joann (Codys girlfriend) and I wanted to get some dim sum so we were like, SPONTANEOUS CHINATOWN VISIT! But instead of dim sum, we went to this restaurant called Joy Yee or something like that. It was amazing! We went again the next day, LOL. We were saying that if we lived in Chicago, we'd probably be eating there a lot.

After Chinatown, we finally made our way to the Navy Pier.

It may not sound like theres much to do at the Navy Pier but there actually is. Theres a mall there filled with souvenir shops of every kind as well as lots of food and icecream, lots and lots of icecream. Theres a tropical garden sort of thing in the mall and we chilled in there for a bit. There was an Indian cultural thing going on in there too so that was kinda entertaining.

Then, of course, theres the ferris wheel! Thats where we took this picture actually. It was nice weather, I was with Justin, it was nice.

There was a Bubba Gump at the Navy Pier where we wanted to have dinner at but lunch at Chinatown filled us up so we decided to wait a little longer. We left the Navy Pier to go to Ghirardelli. Justin bought a 50-count bag of chocolate for his mom and we got brownie sundaes. It was so good, OMG! Unfortunately, neither of us could finish it. Sad face.

Across the street from Ghirardelli is the Hersheys store. Justin had been talking about the 5lb thing of Hersheys bar so we went in and got him one along with two huge Reeses Cups that are 0.5lb each. So far, hes finished one Reeses Cup and we havent even made a dent in the Hersheys bar.

The day ended with dinner at Bubba Gump.

Check back soon for Day Three! My next post will be a mini haul from NYX.

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