Chicago: Day 3

Hello, world.

It is time for Day Three of Chicago.

You can read all about Day One here and Day Two here.

The first thing that we did was head to Chinatown again for lunch. Everyone agreed to go back to the same restaurant because it was just that good. Since the portions are extra big, and we learned our lesson from the last time, Justin and I shared a meal, and Joann and Cody shared a meal.

We went to the Museum of Science and Industry after lunch. We took the bus instead of the train because it was easier that way. We wanted to go there because Justin, Cody, and I wanted to take a tour of the U505 submarine. A little fun fact: the reason that the U505 is on display in Chicago is because it is the hometown of the captain who captured the submarine. At the museum, we also got the chance to go on a coal mine tour because I wanted to do it. The Museum of Science and Industry is definitely unlike any museum that Ive been to because its focused on science and industry (duh) instead of the mummies and dinosaurs that Im used to.

The next thing that happened made me very conscious about the fact that I have gotten used to monotonocity and routine of living in Iowa. What happened was that we boarded a train downtown after leaving the museum. We got off on the right stop, but somehow, exited the wrong way. We were trying to make our way to North Michigan Avenue to do a bunch of stuff. We got lost. Justin and I had to walk 1.7mi. Joann and Cody took a bus but got lost anyway. Since it took us forever to get to where we wanted to go, we ended up heading straight to dinner because we were smart enough to make a reservation this time to the Weber Grill restaurant. Lets just say that it was worth it.

Then, off to North Michigan Avenue we go! I splurged on a bunch of hauls: Lush, Benefit, and Urban Decay. Reviews coming soon!

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