ELF Haul

Hello, world.

I have a long overdue ELF haul to blog about.

The first product is the Eyebrow Kit in Dark. The only options available are Light, Medium, Dark, and Ash. Having black hair, I figured that I should go with Dark since lighter eyebrows arent very flattering. Little did I know, it isnt as dark as I thought itd be. I havent tried it yet, though. Im scared that itll turn out too light.

The second product is the Contouring Blush & Bronzer in Antigua. The blush is super pretty but the bronzer is too dark on me. I probably shouldve gone with a lighter shade of bronzer like the St. Lucia, but then the blush wouldve been too much like a highlighter.

The third product is the High Definition Powder. This is just a loose powder that I use to set my makeup. It fills fine lines and wrinkles really well, and it definitely does make you HD-ready. Even though Im never in HD, I love it! It makes your face look flawless.

The fourth product is one that they threw in there with my order. I never buy lipsticks so I obviously didnt purchase this one. It was just in my order for some reason. It is the Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph. Im never one to go with nude lip colors. Id rather just use untinted lipgloss and have my natural lip color instead. Obviously, I didnt really like this product mainly because of the color.

The fifth product is the Brush Shampoo. I already have a Daily Brush Cleaner that I use to clean out colored eyeshadow. I currently only have three eyeshadow brushes that I have out: one for blacks and silvers, one for my daily neutral look, one for all the other colors. Because of that, I like to wash out the colors right after I use them since I have palette after palette of different shades. I havent gotten into this brush shampoo yet but itll probably be a weekly thing where I give my brushes a thorough washing.

The sixth product is the Makeup Lock & Seal. Basically, this is a liquid that you mix with your makeup to make it last longer. I havent gotten into it yet either but I plan on using it on eyeshadow to turn it into eyeliner, which would give more uses for my color palettes.

The final product is the Makeup Remover Pen. I find this useful but it doesnt work too well. I use it to fix mistakes with eyeliner and stuff like that but the downside is that it smears instead of removes. I have a different product that I prefer to this, which will be coming up in my next haul post.

Yes, I have a couple of hauls left to blog about: the Forever 21 one and a Drugstore.com one. Stay tuned!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?
What is your favorite ELF product?

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  1. Even the lightest shade of eyebrow powder makes me have bushy caveman eyebrows :( When you come back, you gotta teach me how to shape and fill in my brows!

  2. woaah nice haul~
    please review the duo blush :)

    1. I will eventually. Its not going to be a favorable review, though. ):