Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Color-Saver Sulfate Free Shampoo Review

Hello, world.

Today, I will be reviewing the Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Color-Saver Sulfate Free Shampoo that came in my March Birchbox.

I managed to get good use out of this product because I just got my color streaks back on Thursday. I will try to show you guys a picture if I can get good enough lighting. I have dim yellow lights in my apartment which sucks when it comes to taking pictures.

Anyway, on to the product, its pretty decent. After two washes, the emerald green is still very much there. I dont know if its because the place I went to this time is a lot better than the last place I went to or if this shampoo is just that great.

It is a gentle shampoo that conditions and moisturizes your hair while still being sulfate free and non-stripping even though it foams decently. It smells alright, a scent that I cant really put my finger on. The fragrance isnt necessarily minty but the shampoo leaves your scalp tingly and feeling fresh for some reason.

Overall, I like this product. If I didnt have two other bottles of color saving shampoo sitting around, I would probably purchase the full-size of this product.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?
What is your favorite shampoo?

Thank you for reading!
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  1. I also got it from Birch Box and I really like it. I've been sulfate-free for more than two years (which is great for all hair, but esp my curly hair, as curls crave moisture and sulfates strip moisture from your hair). To me it smells slightly lemony. I liked the conditioner they sent too, but it was much too small a sample to know if I'd use it regularly. I do plan to buy the full-size of the shampoo.

    1. I might have to go sulfate-free too.
      My hair has been dry lately.