Review: MAKE SPF30 Face Primer

Hello, world.

I finally got around to trying the MAKE SPF30 Face Primer.

My usual face primer is the Velvet Skin Coat by DHC.

First Impressions

The product dispenses as a white cream that looks like moisturizer. It applies like moisturizer as well, and application is very smooth. A little goes a long way too.


There isnt an obvious difference between this face primer and the one that Im currently using. It is more lightweight, and it feels more moisturizing on the skin, but thats pretty much it. There isnt a huge difference between their abilities to keep makeup on. The only leg up that MAKE has over DHC is that this face primer has SPF30.

Final Verdict

The MAKE SPF30 Face Primer may be easy to apply, and it may have slightly moisturizing properties, but I wouldnt spend the $30 simply to switch from DHC. However, once its time for me to get a new face primer, MAKE will be my first choice.

Have you tried the MAKE SPF30 Face Primer?
What is your favorite face primer?

I want to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below!


  1. No I haven't tried the MAKE primer. But I really love my POREfessional from Benefit. :D

    1. Ive heard a lot about that product. I might have to try it soon.