Giveaway Winners!

I am ecstatic to announce the winners of my very first giveaway!

Huge Collaborative Giveaway

Congratulations, Li N. and Lulu!

Jiawun of, my collaborator and sister, have sent you both an email. You have 48 hours to respond before we pick a new winner. The first person to reply gets to pick which prize pack they would like.

I want to thank everyone for their participation. It was a fun experience hosting this giveaway, and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

If you didnt win, dont worry! I have two other giveaways coming your way very soon!
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Hair: Fight Frizz!

The summer has many things to offer: popsicles, music festivals, and sun! If you live in a place like California, youre probably used to it all, but for those of us who are in a place like Iowa, the summer is one of the very few times when we can ditch the piles and piles of Winter coats. The only one-up that we have, though, is that we have weather that doesnt cause frizz.

Now, it is frizz weather in pretty much the whole country as well as in other places in the Northern hemisphere, I think. I read something from about fighting frizz, which I found helpful so I decided to share it with you guys along with more product recommendations.


When you add volume to your hair, it decreases the chance for your hair to curl and crimp together.

Dove Style and Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse

Spray a little product onto palms, scrunch into hair from root to end.


Messy beach waves are in right now, and if you pull it off right, your hair wouldnt look frizzy.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

 Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

This makes easy Summer hair because just a few sprays on toweled-dry hair does wonders.  


When hair is sleeked back, frizz is pretty much gone.

Fekkai Essential Shea Pot de Creme 

Oribe Creme de Coiffage 

Work product into wet or dry hair, comb back.

*This post is not sponsored, just inspired, by All images were taken from unless otherwise stated. 
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Guest Post: My Clear Skin Routine with ItsEmmaElise

So I'm pretty sure anyone that has hit puberty has dealt with skin problems. Personally, I went to the dermatologist for mine starting in high school. I tried all different combinations, but every single one dried out my skin to the point that it was painful. I wouldn't say I have perfect skin now, but my current skin care routine seems to work just as well as all those prescriptions that I tried on both my face and back! (Really, the only thing that worked was an antibiotic that my dermatologist prescribed to me for a week before prom. And I swear it was magic. But, anyone with any basic science knowledge knows that you can't take antibiotics all the time...or they just stop working. #lifeproblems)

Another note: It is harder than you think to keep up with doctor's appointments, especially once you head to college. Finding time when you get really sick is doable, but time for specialty doctors (like the dermatologist)? Uhm, no way will that ever happen!

So long-story short: I was sure that I would be a clear-skinned adult by now, but such is not the case. Hopefully my experimentation will save you a bunch of unsuccessful middle steps, and let you skip right to something that works! Now, let me get on to my personal skin care routine...

I have fallen in love with a brand, Skyn. You can find it at, which is helpful if you shop there (like me). I swear, it is the best face wash that I have ever used. Plus, it's not drying at all! I use the Skyn Glacial Face Wash during my evening shower. I just use my hands, because there hasn't been a cheap, Clarisonic-like, exfoliating device until just recently (made by Olay, but I'm yet to pick one up).

Then, before bed, I use the Skyn Anti-Blemish Gel as a spot treatment. When I wake up, the first thing I do is clean my face with the Skyn Glacial Cleansing Cloths! These two products are also available in the Skyn Anti-Blemish Kit, which is how I usually buy them.

In my purse, I always make sure to carry two facial products! First is my Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer (in Fair #05). Whenever I'm not wearing makeup, I apply this concealer to any problem areas before heading out. It makes me feel like I look decent enough for the public eye, AND it helps clear up your skin! I just rub some onto the general area, using the sponge tip applicator. I blend in with my clean fingertips (use hand sanitizer beforehand, if necessary). And there you have it! Fast and easy coverage, which always helps to clear me up a bit by the end of the day, as well! The second product that I carry with me are the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. This is a great, cheap brand of oil-blotting sheets for whenever you start feeling greasy! Here in Florida, that is a must-have item!

Body blemishes seem to be a bit more stubborn, from my experience. I use a basic back scrub brush to wash my back with Neutogena BodyClear Body Scrub. After my shower, I spray my back with Glytone Back Acne Spray. Please note that sprays like this can sometimes discolor sheets or clothing. I haven't experienced any problems with this spray in particular, but I also use it before bedtime when I'm wearing cheap t-shirts and such to bed. Another thing to remember - hold your breath when you spray! Breathing in salicylic acid tastes TERRIBLE! I do this right before I leave the bathroom each night, so I'm not coughing up a lung.

Last but not least, some medicines may be to blame. Never be afraid to ask your doctor or pharmacists about this! Also, some birth control pills (the ones with stronger hormones) can actually HELP to decrease breakouts. I used to have hormonal breakouts each month. So, I asked my gyno about it, was put on a different pill, and I'm already looking clearer!

Remember that there are all sorts of skin types. What works for one person may do nothing for another person. If such is the case when you try my skin-care routine, I send you many apologies! Don't give up, though. With doctors, magazines, and the internet at our disposal, there are thousands of tips and tricks and products to try! You'll find something that works soon enough; I promise!

Hope you enjoyed my guest post, and please come visit me over at itsemmaelise!

♥, Em

Emma is a blogger from Tampa, FL, living in Gainesville. She blogs at ItsEmmaElise, a blog filled with tips and tricks for young women. She is one of my friends in the HerCampus Blogger Network, and we will be heading to New York with a few other girls next month! Thank you for the wonderful post, Em, and I cant wait to meet you!
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Review: Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Mask

Hello, world.

I want to remind you that there are only eight days left before the ExtraExtravagant Grand Opening Giveaway closes. This is a huge giveaway in collaboration with There are two gigantic prize packs up for grabs with products from brands such as Inglot, Essence, NYX, and more!

For this post, I will be writing a review on the Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Mask.

"A specially whitening face mask formulated with allantoin, arbutin and plant extracts, can be penetrated into dermis effectively, helps to prevent and fade the dark spots. Your skin will be revitalized after just one use and if use on a regular basis this mask will help to make the appearance of whitening and brightening."

First Impressions

My first impression when I opened up the pack is that it smelled strongly of chemicals. I Googled "allantoin" and "arbutin," and theyre both chemicals that are naturally produced by plants and animals so I dont know why it smelled so synthetic. The odor is off-putting, but it goes away quickly. Once you put it on, it smells of baby powder.


*These pictures were not digitally altered in any way.

Yes, I do realize that the second picture was taken under brighter lighting. Even then, you can tell that there is less redness, and my spots are less swollen. My skin really was revitalized after one use as promised. This product really works.

 "Apply the mask sheet onto the face after cleansing. Leave it in place for 15-20 minutes. Gently remove mask sheet and pat skin with fingertips to ensure full absorption. Use once or twice per week."

I like following the instructions on my beauty products, especially masks. When the recommended time is a range, I usually go with the maximum. 20 minutes later, the serum on the mask has almost completely absorbed into my skin. It doesnt take much patting once you remove the mask. I cleansed, toned, and moisturized my face before putting on the mask.


You can see that the mask isnt evenly flat on my face.

The biggest problem that I have with this mask is that it doesnt adhere well to my face. Sheet masks usually dont take much effort to flatten, but this one took me a while because it just wouldnt stick!

This sheet mask doesnt come with the eye flaps that Im used to. Instead, the holes for the eyes are big. Personally, I dont like it, but I guess that there is an advantage to it where you can put on an eye mask at the same time. So, I wouldnt necessarily say that this is a downside. Its just a downside for me.

I also mentioned in the beginning that it smells heavily of chemicals when you open the pack. 

Final Verdict

I decided to buy this mask because I had previously used one of my sisters from the same brand, and I loved it. So, when I was at Setia City Mall the other day, and I saw that Sasa had a mask sale of four for RM10, I bought a bunch: 12 to be exact. I used my Wells Fargo debit card so it was only about $10 for all 12, which was a steal! As you can see from the picture, it costs RM4.90 for one so it really was very cheap.

After trying this, Im a little iffy about whether or not I like it more than the Coony one that I had reviewed before. I have 11 more, not all from Sasatinnie, so we'll see.

Have you ever tried the Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Mask?
What is your favorite face mask?
I want to hear your thoughts in the Comments section!
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Wishlist: June 2013 Fashion Edition

Hello, world.

I have already posted a wishlist for this month, but I am back with another wishlist, but with fashion pieces! This wishlist will feature pieces from Shopcade.

What is Shopcade?

Shopcade is an online personal shopper where you can discover new products, create wishlists, and receive exclusive deals.

When you create a wishlist, you will be notified when those items go on sale. I hate it when I buy an item at retail price, then find out that the item was heavily marked down a few days later. Shopcade helps me stay on top of the latest deals on items that I want.

Shopcade will also list items picked specifically for you according to your interests.


My wishlist will include items from my feed.

This is the Vertigo Stripe Tank by Nasty Gal. I would wear it over a pair of high-waisted shorts.
This is the Sheer Large Dot Knee Socks by American Apparel. I would pair it with some chunky wedge booties.

This is the Coral Fluro Leather Satchel by Cambridge Satchel Company.
*Save 10% or $10

This is the Apollo Sandals with Metal Accents by Dolce Vita.

This is the Little Animal Ring by Urban Outfitters.

These items are all saved in my Shopcade wishlist so whenever they go on sale, I will be notified.

Go ahead and make your own!

If you are a blogger, head on over here to enter for a chance to win £200 to spend at Asos and £200 to spend on Shopcade!

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The Kreativ Blogger Award

Hello, world.

This is incredible! I was one of the recipients of the Liebster Award last month, and this month, I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

I was nominated by Cerc who is the blogger at Cercalicious.

Thank you, Cerc! I appreciate the recognition, and I sincerely thank you for enjoying my blog to the point of sharing it with the rest of the world.

The Kreativ Blogger Award is an award to recognize creative blogs that stand out in a league of its own. I am actually really excited to name my nominees because I have come across and follow a plethora of amazing blogs that I enjoy going back to every single day.

I will list my nominees alphabetically.
  1. Charlotte; GirlMeetsWorld
  2. Dippy; DippyWrites
  3. Eve; BrainyBeauty
  4. Helen; DollysAndDaisies
  5. Jennifer; MakeMineAChanel
  6. Jess; MyVintageWorld
  7. Kerry; FashionAndFlame
  8. Lucee; LifeWithLucee
  9. Lynn; MakeupWithTea
  10. Natalie; DiscoveriesOfSelf
I want to thank Cerc again for this wonderful opportunity. This has been an exciting couple of months for me because my blog has started taking off and it is opening so many doors for me that its pretty unbelievable.

Thank you for your support, everyone, and thank you for reading!
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Sponsored: Residence Hall Linens, the Ultimate College Companion!

The image is extremely vivid in my mind of when I opened the door for the very first time to my dormitory room during my freshman year in college. My first thought: this looks like a hospital room! The walls were drab and bare, and the wooden furniture did nothing to beautify the rest of the room.

It did not take too long for me to realize that the aesthetic of my room was the least of my worries. The biggest problem that I faced, that many college students face, is limited storage space. Especially, if like me, you have one or more roommates, storage space becomes a scarce commodity.

This is where Residence Hall Linens (RHL) comes in! RHL is an online retailer that specializes in college dorm essentials. They sell everything from guaranteed fit sheets and linen to cute pillows and throws, all of them guaranteed to last until graduation. I once heard that the average years for a college student to graduate in the US is six years, so we're talking about some high quality products here!

But lets talk about storage! Before college, when I had my very own room, I didnt care about "storage solutions." My closets and drawers were filled to the brim, and I had knick knacks scattered on every available surface. But in a dorm room, that is a thing of the past. With Residence Hall Linens, you can take full advantage of what little space you have.

Laundry Hamper

I cannot stress enough how essential this laundry hamper is. I still use one to this very day even though I have an apartment now. This laundry hamper from RHL can hold up to 60lbs of dirty laundry so that you dont have to spend so much money on constant laundry. It may look big and bulky, but it is actually collapsable so you can store it away when not in use. Instead of taking up precious space with a big laundry basket that wont hold that much anyway, this slim and tall laundry hamper is the perfect dirty laundry solution!

Bedside Buddy

When I saw that a friend of mine had these hanging off of her bed, I was immediately inspired, and I questioned why I never thought of it. This Bedside Buddy from Residence Hall Linens come attached to a flap that you can hang off your mattress frame or loft. They fit anything from pens to notebooks for easy reach when youre lying in bed studying into the night for Finals. If youre not one to study in bed, these handy pockets can hold remote controls, electronics, magazines, the list goes on. It could also be a convenient spot for your cell phone when youre going to bed and dont want to risk knocking it off your mattress.

Hanging Storage Value Pak

This Hanging Storage Value Pak by RHL has got to be the Holy Grail of closet storage solutions! College dorm closets are typically small and narrow. This set of a hanging clothes and a hanging shoes storage is perfect for such situations. Make the most of your closet space by putting this in there to hold more! Come on, girls, how awesome is this? This is a Value Pak, and you actually save $14.90 if you buy it now!

These are just the tip of the iceberg of what Residence Hall Linens offers. Check it out yourself to discover amazing solutions for your dorm room that youve never dreamed of before. Theyre even having a sale right now on Bedding Value Paks! Just enter the code SAVE20RHL at checkout.

*This is a sponsored post for Residence Hall Linens.
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Review: Coony Syn-Ake Essence Mask

Hello, world.

I want to remind you to participate in the huge collaborative giveaway with The giveaway grants you the chance to win one of two gigantic prize packs. For more information, please click here to be redirected to the post where you can enter the giveaway.

For this post, I will be writing a review on the Coony Syn-Ake Essence Mask.

First Impressions

Im not going to lie; when I first saw that this is made with snake essence, I was a bit iffy. It feels like its equivalent to gooping some slime from a snake and plastering it all over your face. Do snakes even have slime?! But I tried it anyway.

The application is simple. You just pull the sticky sheet from the bag, gently unfold it, then place it onto your face with the holes in the right places. The tricky part is pressing it down to make sure that it smoothly covers your entire face so that your skin can actually absorb all the serum.

Final Verdict

The immediate result is that my face is brighter and more even. I gave the remaining serum some time to absorb while I apply my eye cream and lip balm.

Overall, I really like this mask. The only downside is that it is still a paper mask, and personally, Im not a fan of those.

Have you ever tried the Coony Syn-Ake Essence Mask?
What is your favorite face mask?

I want to hear your thoughts in the Comments section!
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Wishlist: June 2013

Hello, world.

I want to remind you to participate in the huge collaborative giveaway with The giveaway grants you the chance to win one of two gigantic prize packs. For more information, please click here to be redirected to the post where you can enter the giveaway.

For this post, I will be writing about my wishlist for the month.

The first product is the Eye Shadow Palette in Aquatic Essence from the Color Design collection by Lancome. I have recently started wearing the bronze smokey eye a lot, and this palette is perfect for that, and it even comes with two blue shades for more colorful looks.

The second product is the Jumbo Gloss Balm in Scarlet Twist from the LipPerfection collection by CoverGirl. Im currently using another jumbo lip balm by CoverGirl, and I absolutely adore it, so Im hoping that this is just as good if not better.

The third product is the limited edition Terra Nerolia bronzer by Guerlain. This bronzer not only looks pretty, but the golds and pinks inlaid in there supposedly gives your skin a more natural bronze than your average bronzer. The only concern that I have is that it might not work with contouring.

The final product is the Cheek Rush in Pink Patent from the Pure Color collection by Estee Lauder. Ive never tried liquid blush, cream blush, or anything of the sort. Ive always been a powder blush kind of girl, and Ive always wanted to try something different. This gel blush seems like the best way to start.

Have you tried any of these products?
What did you think?

I want to hear your thoughts!
If you have a Wishlist post, leave the link; Id love to check it out!
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