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Hey there, everyone! My name is Kriselle and I blog over at Through the Eyes of a CaliGirl, feel free to stop by my blog any time [: I am 18 and also going to be a sophomore in college at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California.

I’m so thankful to get to guest post for Sockwun! Today, I’m going to talk to you all a little bit about some helpful travel tips for long-haul flights!

I just recently came back from a trip to Peru, and the flight was a total of nine hours including a stopover in Panama. Growing up, I always flew with my family to the Philippines for Christmas or weddings, and those flights are between 14-16 hours from what I remember. Regardless, that all basically means that I’m used to flying long-distance flights. 

Most people I know don’t like long flights, and although, yes, they can get uncomfortable, I enjoy them because I just love flying and traveling. Flying on an airplane isn’t something I get to do often so I enjoy the time I have onboard, being 30,000 feet above the ground.

That being said, here are a few tips for long-haul flights!

1.      Dress comfortably! This is a tip I highly recommend, especially if you know you’ll be on a plane for longer than five hours. I try to avoid wearing jeans if possible, and I usually wear leggings and a shirt (see picture J). When it comes to shoes, I usually wear anything that can be taken off on the plane easily because I’m just more comfortable barefoot. I really don’t recommend wearing heels if you can avoid them, especially stilettos. Although you can always take them off for the flight, I just don’t think they’re a practical shoe choice unless you’re on a business trip. Wedges are more acceptable, I guess, but I just stick to sandals, flip flops, or flats. 

2.      Expect to sleep, even if it’s only a nap! No matter what time of day your flight is, for some reason, you just get tired at some point during the flight, even if only for 20 or so minutes. It’s hard to find a good position to sleep in if you’re flying coach or economy class (which is me all the time), so be prepared to be fidgeting around a lot in efforts to make yourself comfortable. 

3.      Bring something to freshen up! Most international flights give you something near the end of the flight to freshen up your face like a warm towlette or something like that, but in case they don’t, bring your own! 

4.      Bring magazines, books, anything to keep you occupied on the flight! Although most long-haul flights nowadays have personal tv screens to watch, movies, TV shows, listen to music, and play games, bring something in case you don’t like the selection. On my trip to Peru, I got tired of the music really fast and wasn’t very interested in the movie or TV show selection they had.  As a result, I read through some of the magazines I brought specifically for the flight! 

5.      You can use your phone on the flight, IF it’s on airplane mode! Okay, so this is sort of a lowkey tip I’ve learned from the trips I’ve done this year, but it’s true! Flight attendants will not endorse or encourage this tip because of possibilities that people may not use airplane mode on board, but it’s a tip I’ve learned is useful! You can take pictures on board with your smart phones and play games, read books, or listen to music on your phones. I just keep it out of sight when flight attendants go by [; whoops. Haha. But seriously, it does work so don’t worry! Just please keep your phone on airplane mode!

6.      Laptops and tablets are okay as well, as long as the wifi is turned off on your device. If you have a personal hotspot on your device so it doesn’t need wifi, I suggest turning that off as well. Unlike the phones, flight attendants won’t say anything about you using them. Some flights, however, do have wifi on board, but I’ve never seen them on board for international flights. Regardless, expect to pay extra to use it if your flight has it.

So, those are my simple tips!  I hope that you all find them useful next time you go on your next international adventure! Feel free to stop by my blog and leave a comment or look for me on any of my social networks (displayed on my blog)! I’d love to help you with anything you have questions on [:


Kriselle is a blogger from Los Angeles, CA, living in Costa Mesa. She blogs at ThroughTheEyesOfACaliGirl, a lifestyle blog. She is one of the girls in the HerCampus Blogger Network. Thank you for the wonderful post, Kriselle!


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