How to Wear Summer Dresses in the Fall

Hello, world.

Fall will be upon us soon, but that does not mean that it is time to lock away your Summer dresses. I am a fan of versatile pieces, and this is one of those times when versatile pieces come nicely into play with ankle boots.

Ankle boots will transition your Summer wardrobe into your Fall wardrobe. They will also work perfectly in the winter with skinny jeans or printed leggings.

Sam and Libby Lara Studded Heel Ankle Boot | $45

Everyone is rocking studs these days so why should the fall be any different? The trend will still be around, and it is the ultimate solution to dressing down a dress.

Giuseppe Zanotti Pewter Snake Embossed Patent Leather Ankle Boots | $345

Metallics are your shortcut to dressing up a dress. They help you transition an outfit into something nightworthy.

Betsey Johnson Ziah Boots in Leopard Pony | $119

What is there to not love about animal prints and tassels? So long as you do not overdo it, that is.

Stuart Weitzman Kalahari Suede Laceup Wedge Ankle Boots | $455

The classic suede laceups are a classic for a reason: they go with everything.

Guess by Marciano Morelli Bootie | $123

Add rock and roll flair to any outfit with boots like these.
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Hello, world.

It is my third day back in school, and it has already started getting hectic. Im used to a busy schedule since Ive been holding three part-time positions (excluding blogging) pretty much ever since I started college. What Ive started to realize is that money is getting tight. Im considering quitting a couple of my jobs so that I can focus on my final year in college, but that would mean less income for my increasing expenses. Thankfully, I have places like to help me save on essentials.

Last week, I talked about how you can save on dorm decor. This week, I will cover a broader spectrum so that everyone can save!

Whats better than shopping if not shopping while still getting money back in your pocket? is giving you 5% cashback on all of your purchases, but be sure to use this link to actually qualify for the cashback. is one of my favorite places to shop; however, they can get pretty pricey. The good news is that theyre constantly running promotions and deals. The better news is that youll also get 5% cashback with Studentrate! Again, remember to use this link.

If you are like me and cant drive, or you hate driving, or you dont want to spend too much on gas, but you still want to go places (ahem, Spring Break, ahem), is for you! Megabus takes you places depending on your departure city. Since most of you are from New York, I'll use NYC as an example. Departing from NYC, you can go to cities like Detroit, MI, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, PA, and many more! And not only are tickets super affordable, you get 5% cashback with this link.

Take advantage of these cashback offers while they last, and I'll be back next week with more deals and promotions!
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Giveaway: Penniless Socialite August Group Giveaway (Closed)

Hello, world.

I am collaborating with six bloggers to bring you the Penniless Socialite August Group Giveaway!

There will be one winner who will be walking away with the following:
  1. $30 Starbucks Gift Card
  2. $25 Gap Gift Card
  3. $10 Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy Gift Card
  4. $10 Dormbuys Gift Card
  5. Large Ad Space on Penniless Socialite
  6. Large Ad Space on Southern Beauty Guide
  7. Large Ad Space on He Calls Me Grace
  8. Cents of Style Earrings
This giveaway is brought to you by the following bloggers:

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How to Survive Summer Beauty Emergencies

Note: You can read an updated version of this post here.

Hello, world.

As the season draws to a close, we are stowing the bikinis and unpacking the sweaters. Summer is officially ending, but that doesnt mean that its not going to be hot for a little while longer. To tide you into the fall, I have compiled a few tips and tricks to surviving Summers biggest beauty mishaps.

{ Ingrown Hair }

Ingrown hair doesnt usually make the list of beauty emergencies, but if you think about it, Summer is the best time to shave because its too hot to cover up, and even if you use the best hair removal thing out there, ingrown hair is sometimes unavoidable. A product like this to soothe and reduce inflammation will get rid of unsightly razor bumps.

{ Insect Bites }

This is my least favorite part about the summer. I have a nasty habit of picking and scratching at my skin so something to soothe the itch and irritation is always awesome.

{ Body Acne }

Body acne is a common Summer woe due to the heat and the sweating. Especially since youll be wearing tank tops and shorts and the like, body acne is not flattering. A body wash with salicylic acid can treat and prevent acne on areas like your upper back and chest.

{ Melting Makeup }

We are no stranger to melting makeup in the summer so primer is always product numero uno whenever I do my makeup routine. Especially if you use mattifying products like me, if it melts off, it makes your face look even more oily and shiny.

{ Excessive Sweating }

There is nothing less attractive than sweat stains, and they are abundant in the summer. If you dont have a car and depend on your own legs to get you places like me, antiperspirant becomes your best friend.

How do you survive Summer beauty emergencies?
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Save on Dorm Decor with!

Hello, world.

The fall semester starts on Monday at Iowa State University, and most of the students are moving in. If you are in the same boat, or if you have already moved in, has promotions this week for dorm decor.

Last week, we brought you deals on beauty products to look your best for the new school year. is the ultimate destination for dorm room essentials. This code will get you 30% off all of their amazing merchandise as well as 5% cashback in your pocket! is the place to go to for bedding and storage solutions. This code will get you 30% off all dorm essentials as well as 4% cashback in your pocket!

When youre in your room, it can get pretty boring every once in a while. Whats better than a 60" flat screen to entertain you? Instead of spending $2,000 on one that youll have to worry about moving around after the semester, rent one from!

I will be back next week to bring you more ways to save!
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Giveaway Winners!

Hello, world.

My 100 Followers Giveaway had recently ended. The first winner failed to respond to my email in 72 hours so I picked a second winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, Erna W.!

If you didnt win this time, dont worry! There will be plenty of other chances to enter other giveaways in the future.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you for reading my blog!
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Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Hello, world.

If you are like me, you are probably bad with gifts. I love giving gifts, but I never know what to give! I finally did some research, and compiled a list to help the both of us out.

{ College Freshman }


Since the fall semester is coming up, a lot of high school graduates will be starting college. These pencils are not only adorable, but they are functional as well. On Wednesdays, when the days drag on and on, your college freshman will thank you for reminding them constantly that the weekend is only a couple of pencils away.
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Save on Beauty Products with!

Hello, world.

You have one final day to enter my giveaway!

Once youve entered, check out this collaborative giveaway that Im hosting with a few other bloggers thats ending in a couple of days.

Last week, I introduced you to as a great way to save money in college. This week, I want to show you how you can save on beauty products with Studentrate.

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Sponsored: Veet is Looking for Veet Vixens on Crowdtap!

This post is sponsored by Her Campus via Crowdtap via Veet.

Hello, world.

I have an exciting announcement!

Crowdtap is inviting you to advocate for Veet as a campus ambassador!

What is Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is an online startup that matches you with the brands that you love. By getting involved with these brands, youll be in the loop about the latest happenings, youll get to influence the products that they come up with, youll get to try these products before theyre available to the public, and youll also earn points towards rewards!

The brands that youll be able to connect and collaborate with include Ikea, Sony Pictures, and Nestle.
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Guest Post: Sparkle and Shine Under $100 with MostlyLisa

Hello, readers!

Im Lisa, and I am the blogger at MostlyLisa. I am so honored to be a guest here today to share with you some of my favorite finds that can make you sparkle and shine!

For most of us, we can always go with a deal on something as basic as jewelry. When you want to show off a little glitter, there are so many great jewelry and clothing sites out there that are inexpensive, and offer blingtastic products!

Getting inspiration from, and using, I came up with a few items that would be perfect for sparkling up your life. The best part is: every item is under $100!

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The Alphabet Challenge: Week 4

Hello, world.

It is Week Four of the Alphabet Challenge, and we will be discussing Denim.

If you are interested in joining the Alphabet Challenge, please read on!

It seems like the denim trend has made its way back into the mainstream yet again.

When it comes to denim, one usually thinks of jeans, but there are various other ways to incorporate denim into your wardrobe.
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Giveaway: Summerize and Accessorize (Closed)

Hello, world.

I am collaborating with seven bloggers to bring you the Summerize and Accessorize Giveaway! As the name suggests, the prizes are things that will help you look your best this Summer.

There will be eight winners, and each winner will win one of the following:

Orange and Gold Bracelet | $10 Forever 21 Gift Card | Mossimo Sunglasses
$10 DSW Gift Card | Stretch Bracelet
$10 Target Gift Card | Shakeology Samples | Body Butter

This giveaway is brought to you by the following bloggers:

Liz, RusticPeach | Cayli, Nightchayde | Kali, KaliNowLiving
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How to Style Business Chic ft Her Campus Collegiettes

Hello, world.

I was at the Second Annual Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference on the 28th. It was held in New York City, and most of the girls who attended are from the East Coast so there was definitely a lot of fashionable ladies around.

Can you spot me?

On the flipside, there were also a lot of girls who didnt quite understand "business chic." It was a networking event, and most of them were representing their schools so it was a disappointment to see some of them dressed like they were at a girls night out.

So, I took it upon myself to highlight four lovely ladies who hit the nail on the head with the dress code.

Alicia Thomas | Her Campus National Career Editor

  Shop Alicias Look:

  Hannah Orenstein | Her Campus High School Editor

Shop Hannahs Look:

Claire Shriver | Her Campus American Editor-in-Chief

Shop Claires Look:


Alicia Chew | Fashion Blogger

Shop Alicias Look:

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Save on College Essentials with!

Hello, world.

I want to begin by reminding you to enter my giveaway thats ending in a week. You will be in the running to win products from Etude House, Forever 21, and Revlon.

There is another giveaway scheduled for the 9th in which I collaborate with some awesome bloggers to bring you prizes to end the summer on a high note.

I had also recently written for You will get to see the bookworm in me.
For todays post, I will be raving about Why? Because it is one of the very few discount sites that recognize Ames, IA, and Iowa State University. Hey, just because we're not on the map doesnt mean we dont like discounts!

In short, is a website that brings you discounts and cash back deals. Whats the big deal? Well, these discounts and promotions are tailored to college students needs and interests, and they even focus on your geographic location to help you save locally!

Here are some promotions that I feel would greatly help incoming freshman, seniors, and just college-goers in general.

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The Alphabet Challenge: Week 3

Hello, world.

It is Week Three of the Alphabet Challenge, and we will be discussing College Essentials.

It is the month of August, and we are all getting ready to welcome incoming freshmen into our ranks. Especially if you go to a school like Iowa State where the number of incoming freshmen increases every single year, you probably end up meeting them somewhere, somehow.

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