Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Hello, world.

If you are like me, you are probably bad with gifts. I love giving gifts, but I never know what to give! I finally did some research, and compiled a list to help the both of us out.

{ College Freshman }


Since the fall semester is coming up, a lot of high school graduates will be starting college. These pencils are not only adorable, but they are functional as well. On Wednesdays, when the days drag on and on, your college freshman will thank you for reminding them constantly that the weekend is only a couple of pencils away.

{ Goodbye Gift }

Three years ago, when I left for college, I had to bid adieu to my family and also my two best friends. Before I left, my best friends and I bought something that we can wear as a reminder of our friendship. Yes, its super cheesy, but its a nice gesture. For something less cheesy, you can send your best friend off with this super cute locket!

{ New Baby }


It feels like everyones having babies so you never know when a gift could come in handy. This crochet plush would look super cute next to a little newborn baby with its little toesies. I would like one, please. The plush, not the baby.

What is your go-to gift for these occasions?

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