Guest Post: Sparkle and Shine Under $100 with MostlyLisa

Hello, readers!

Im Lisa, and I am the blogger at MostlyLisa. I am so honored to be a guest here today to share with you some of my favorite finds that can make you sparkle and shine!

For most of us, we can always go with a deal on something as basic as jewelry. When you want to show off a little glitter, there are so many great jewelry and clothing sites out there that are inexpensive, and offer blingtastic products!

Getting inspiration from, and using, I came up with a few items that would be perfect for sparkling up your life. The best part is: every item is under $100!

  1. BaubleBar Neon Alaqua Bib, $36
  2. H&M Top with Rivets and Sparkle in Grey, $23
  3. CWonder Crystal Bauble Bouquet Earrings in Blue/Green, $44
  4. Humble Chic Skinny Sparkle Belt, $28

Thank you so much for reading, and an even bigger thank you to Sockwun for letting me write on ExtraExtravagant!

I hope that youll visit my blog soon! You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter too!


Hello, world!

I hope that you enjoyed reading Lisas post as much as I did. I have to admit that I want a few of these items, lol. Please head on over to her blog to read more posts like this, and to show her some love!

Thank you so much, Lisa! 

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  1. Love the first bib necklace - it's gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me Sockwun! It really means a lot, and hope your readers can stop by Mostly Lisa and read some more of my posts. There are some great finds out there where you can Sparkle and Shine! :D

    Mostly Lisa

    1. Thank you for the wonderful post! I also urge my readers to head over to Mostly Lisa. (: