How to Style Business Chic ft Her Campus Collegiettes

Hello, world.

I was at the Second Annual Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference on the 28th. It was held in New York City, and most of the girls who attended are from the East Coast so there was definitely a lot of fashionable ladies around.

Can you spot me?

On the flipside, there were also a lot of girls who didnt quite understand "business chic." It was a networking event, and most of them were representing their schools so it was a disappointment to see some of them dressed like they were at a girls night out.

So, I took it upon myself to highlight four lovely ladies who hit the nail on the head with the dress code.

Alicia Thomas | Her Campus National Career Editor

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  Hannah Orenstein | Her Campus High School Editor

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Claire Shriver | Her Campus American Editor-in-Chief

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Alicia Chew | Fashion Blogger

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