How to Survive Summer Beauty Emergencies

Note: You can read an updated version of this post here.

Hello, world.

As the season draws to a close, we are stowing the bikinis and unpacking the sweaters. Summer is officially ending, but that doesnt mean that its not going to be hot for a little while longer. To tide you into the fall, I have compiled a few tips and tricks to surviving Summers biggest beauty mishaps.

{ Ingrown Hair }

Ingrown hair doesnt usually make the list of beauty emergencies, but if you think about it, Summer is the best time to shave because its too hot to cover up, and even if you use the best hair removal thing out there, ingrown hair is sometimes unavoidable. A product like this to soothe and reduce inflammation will get rid of unsightly razor bumps.

{ Insect Bites }

This is my least favorite part about the summer. I have a nasty habit of picking and scratching at my skin so something to soothe the itch and irritation is always awesome.

{ Body Acne }

Body acne is a common Summer woe due to the heat and the sweating. Especially since youll be wearing tank tops and shorts and the like, body acne is not flattering. A body wash with salicylic acid can treat and prevent acne on areas like your upper back and chest.

{ Melting Makeup }

We are no stranger to melting makeup in the summer so primer is always product numero uno whenever I do my makeup routine. Especially if you use mattifying products like me, if it melts off, it makes your face look even more oily and shiny.

{ Excessive Sweating }

There is nothing less attractive than sweat stains, and they are abundant in the summer. If you dont have a car and depend on your own legs to get you places like me, antiperspirant becomes your best friend.

How do you survive Summer beauty emergencies?


  1. Great tips, in the summer I've find that primer is very, very important to preventing makeup from melting off your face.

    1. It really is. Its been really hot and humid in Iowa lately, and I always find myself thanking whoever invented primer, lol.