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I want to begin by reminding you to enter my giveaway thats ending in a week. You will be in the running to win products from Etude House, Forever 21, and Revlon.

There is another giveaway scheduled for the 9th in which I collaborate with some awesome bloggers to bring you prizes to end the summer on a high note.

I had also recently written for You will get to see the bookworm in me.
For todays post, I will be raving about Why? Because it is one of the very few discount sites that recognize Ames, IA, and Iowa State University. Hey, just because we're not on the map doesnt mean we dont like discounts!

In short, is a website that brings you discounts and cash back deals. Whats the big deal? Well, these discounts and promotions are tailored to college students needs and interests, and they even focus on your geographic location to help you save locally!

Here are some promotions that I feel would greatly help incoming freshman, seniors, and just college-goers in general.

Lets face it: every college student needs a computer. Be it a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone, a computer will help you avoid crowded libraries during Finals Week and make you more efficient at taking notes in class. I always bring my laptop with me because I can pull up handouts on my computer instead of printing them out to save paper, and it also keeps me company during long breaks in between classes. is an obvious choice for all things electronic.

Then, who can forget the dorm? Dorm life is a big part of everyones college career, and come on, wouldnt you want to beautify the space youd be living in for at least four months? Especially if you have a roommate (or roommateS), space can become a scarce commodity. has you covered from decor, space savers, and even furniture!

Textbooks. This is the big one, boys and girls. The average college student spends more than $500 on textbooks alone every single SEMESTER. Can you imagine how much that would add up for four/five years? Crazy. will be your best friend all through college because they provide textbooks at heavily discounted prices. Theyre also constantly having sales and deals on top of that. If that doesnt sound good enough, they will have the occasional giveaway for hundreds of dollars in gift cards for textbooks!

So, there you have it. Three out of the many, many, MANY discounts that offers. Dont forget that you also get to earn CASH BACK by buying through the merchants on! If I were you, Id be clicking like crazy right now.

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