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Hello, world.

I have an exciting announcement!

Crowdtap is inviting you to advocate for Veet as a campus ambassador!

What is Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is an online startup that matches you with the brands that you love. By getting involved with these brands, youll be in the loop about the latest happenings, youll get to influence the products that they come up with, youll get to try these products before theyre available to the public, and youll also earn points towards rewards!

The brands that youll be able to connect and collaborate with include Ikea, Sony Pictures, and Nestle.

How Do I Get to Work with Veet?

Crowdtap has partnered up with Veet for an exclusive initiative for sorority women. They are looking for Veet Vixens, campus ambassadors who will advocate for the brand. You will be working directly with Veet to host Sorority Spa-cations at your school, inviting friends to check out all of the products that Veet has to offer. You can apply to be a Veet Vixen here.

Whats in It for Me?

As a Veet Vixen, you will be the campus ambassador for Veet. You will host Sorority Spa-cations for your sorority sisters and friends. The best part is that the products for these events are sponsored by Veet! By being a Veet Vixen, you get free kits from Veet that includes creams and wax strips as well as extras like nail polish and homemade lip scrubs!

On top of that, by directly working with the brand, you will gain invaluable experience with industry technology and trends in digital marketing. In a nutshell, it will all look super awesome on your resume.

How Do I Apply?

Follow this link to sign up for Crowdtap, then follow this link to sign up as a Veet Vixen. Dont forget to apply to host a Sorority Spa-cation!

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