Forever 21 Fall Lookbook ft.

I am in love with Fall fashion! Everything is snuggly, and it makes doing anything extra comfortable. I especially enjoy shopping for this season because the pieces are usually versatile enough to transition outfits into Winter. While I was browsing, I stumbled upon a lookbook that inspired this post.

Please refer to the end of this post for a special offer before making any purchases.

You want to start with a chambray shirt that you can button up all the way. You will be layering so if you find a sleeveless top that does the same thing, it would work too!

You would want some high-waisted shorts that you can tuck your shirt into, which also means that your shirt has to be of significant length, ie. no crop tops.

You will then layer with a thin cardigan (or a thicker one if you opted for a sleeveless top).

These things have been all the rage lately! It would also go perfectly with this outfit as long as any other Fall outfit, and maybe even Winter!

For accessories, stick to pieces that are bulky and colorful for this outfit since it is pretty understated and monotone.

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