Allure 2013 Beauty Breakthroughs

Hello, world.

Allure has always been my source numero uno when it comes to product recommendations. I have found countless holy grail products through the magazine and the website, and I have no intention to switch print sources.

Magazines are known for rating anything and everything, and Allure is no different. One of the lists that I look forward to anually is the Beauty Breakthroughs list. Since the winners are nominated and voted for by readers, it is a trustworthy source.

In this post, I will be featuring three beauty innovations from the Allure 2013 Beauty Breakthroughs list that I want to try for myself.

{ Number Three }

I love kohl, but it has one flaw that annoys me: it is impossible to sharpen perfectly. Being so soft, the end dulls out quickly. When I attempt to sharpen it, the end either turns out uneven, or it is so pointy that it breaks off immediately. With this product, when you put the cap back on, a mold in the cap reshapes the soft kohl.

{ Number Two }

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Total Moisture | $6

My skin is so dry. Especially in the winter, it gets to the point where it is itchy and uncomfortable. I would love to put on body lotion before I leave the apartment for the day, but I waste a lot of precious time waiting for the stickiness to go away. Depending on the brand that you use, that might never happen until you take a shower. Needless to say, I was excited that my first world problem is finally solved. This product is the love child of body lotion and hairspray. It is basically sprayable body lotion in a can. Not only do you save time on application, it is non-greasy!

{ Number One }

We have heard it all before, skin care brands claiming that their products mattify your complexion. These products claim to do the same thing with one striking difference: it not only mattifies your face for a long time, it also reduces sebum producers in your skin so that the oil production actually decreases. Its a treatment! Its no wonder that the number one on my list is also number one on the Allure list.


  1. I love going through the product recommendations on Allure's website! My products-to-try list is growing out of control. I've never tried a spray-on moisturizer, but maybe now I just might. Thanks!

    1. I have bought so many products because they were featured by Allure. It seriously drains my bank account because I usually repurchase them, lol. I definitely want to try the spray-on moisturizer as well.

  2. All sounds so great! I loooove the idea of that Kohl liner xoxo

    Emily ⎜

    1. It almost makes me wonder why no one thought of it before, lol.

  3. Spray on moisturizer?! I am DEFINITELY going to check that out asap! Thanks for sharing!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages