My Ultimate Vacation Destinations

I am a broke college student, but I can dream. I compiled a list of all of the places that I want to go to in case I win the lottery one day.

{ Norway }

Norway would be an amazing country to visit. It has stunning landscapes and fresh fish, and life does not get better than that.

{ Provence }

Provence, France would also be great to visit. It boasts vast lavender fields and medieval towns.

{ Lake Garda }

Lake Garda, Italy is a beautiful lake surrounded by Venetian villas and waterfront hotels. It would be the ultimate destination for some rest and relaxation.

{ Fiji }

I feel like the places that I want to visit all have water, but I am still going to include Fiji because water this beautiful deserves to be experienced.

{ Maine }

I will end this post with a domestic location. Yes, it is again by the coast, and it again has fresh seafood.

When I finally get to go on a big vacation, it should be easy to pin down the things that I want to do there: relax by a gorgeous view of the water while enjoying fresh seafood.

Where is your ultimate vacation destination?

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  1. Just seeing these photos makes me want to go on vacay again!!! I just got back from Paris a couple months ago too lol This year alone I have been to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas and Paris! I have been to many many islands in the Caribbean too, my favorite was Exuma Islands, a private string if islands in the Bahamas. I have a travel page if you want to see some of the pics of the places I have been.

    1. I am so jealous! I want to go on vacation, but I dont have the funds to do it right now. ):

  2. I would actually like to go to Greece someday.

    1. Greece would be a fun place to visit too! The food would be amazing!

  3. I always like to travel and I live in Ireland. I have not visited many places yet but, I want to go to Paris the city of lights in next 6 months. Earlier, I went to Kerry which is a county in Ireland in the south west region. I stayed in The Dunloe luxury hotel Ireland as I want an accommodation where I can stay with comfort. I have seen Dingle Steam Railway, Gap of Dunloe a famous tourist attraction, Killarney National Park etc. This time I would like to take my friend’s with me on the trip to Paris.