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This post is sponsored by Ziftit via HerCampus; however, all opinions are 100% mine and 100% true.

We have all been there - you sit in front of your pile of Christmas presents, anxious. Have you been a good enough girl this year for Santa to finally bring you the new Coach Love Eau de Parfum that youve been lusting for all year? You hastily rip through box after box, unearthing the most random assortment of drugstore beauty products, candles, and Bath and Body Works sets. These are great gifts, sure, but there is one problem: you already have all of them.

This is when Ziftit comes to the rescue!

If you are a Shopcade addict enthusiast like me, Ziftit will be your new best friend. The website basically functions like Shopcade - you have the ability to search for products and compile lists. However, there is one neat function of Ziftit that I have never come across in my 21 years of life: send your lists to Santa (I dont mean that literally of course).

How does this benefit you?
Ziftit is a platform for you to shop and/or gift and receive. You simply create a Zift List of products that you really, really, really want, and have it sent to family and friends! Receiving gifts will never be the same now that you get to get things that you actually want need. The people who have access to your Zift Lists have the ability to buy it directly from there and have it sent to you!

This can also be done vice versa btw. Oh and you know those times when you know for sure what your best friend wants for her birthday but you cant even begin to afford it? Ziftit allows you to split the cost of a gift with other people (with an Upgraded Account)! First world problem solved, right? :D

As aforementioned, Ziftit is also a shopping platform (think Polyvore on steroids). The website is accompanied by an app that you should download asap because you will never shop without it ever again. I dont think that its available on Android yet, though. Sad panda. Anyway, the app comes with a barcode scanner that allows you to scan the barcode of any product, which then pulls up a list of available prices where that particular product is sold. No more feeling like sh*t when you buy something today, then find it way cheaper tomorrow somewhere else.

If youre a college student, Ziftit has another cool function for you. It has an Events page where you get to send events to people and have them RSVP, kinda like the less annoying sibling of Facebook Events.

What are the features of Ziftit?
We covered the bulk of what Ziftit can do: compile Zift Lists, respond to Zift Lists, split costs of gifts, shop the most affordable products, and create and share events.

The fun doesnt end there. Cue the Trending Feed. What is the Trending Feed? Its basically your homepage on Ziftit where all relevant products magically show up for you to discover! No more Googling "newest beauty products" ever again.

How do you win $10,000?
No, you didnt read that wrong. No, the number of zeroes is not a typo. With the Trendsetter Contest, everyone has the chance to win a whopping $10,000! Thats a whole semester of college paid for with enough left over for a splurge in Sephora!

For this contest, you will be challenged to gather products from anywhere on the interwebs to be placed onto your personal Zift List. You can still use the product search feature, but Ziftit also has a Ziftit Browser Plugin that allows you to wishlist any item from any website onto your Zift List.

The "follow" feature, similar to the one on Pinterest, is key in this contest. Your goal after compiling the list is to get as many people as you can to follow you. You want to make sure that the products in your Zift List appeal to your followers because their Trending Feed will fill up with the items from your Zift List, allowing them to add them onto their own Zift Lists.

Your "influence rating" will be the ultimate gauge. The more followers you have and the more people re-add your products, the more your influence rating rises. On December 15th, which is the end of this contest, the participant with the highest influence rating will be named "The Trendsetter of 2013" and will, of course, snag the $10,000!

What are you waiting for? Enter here now!

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