Review: VOESH Collagen Gloves

Hello, world.

I never got around to writing an unboxing post for my September 2013 Birchbox, but the VOESH Collagen Gloves is one of the products that I received in it. I recently tried it out, and I thought Id write up a review.

VOESH Collagen Gloves | $20 for 3 pairs

The VOESH Collagen Gloves are just that - gloves. They make your home manicures all the more luxurious and enjoyable.

Im not sure how apparent it is in the picture but the gloves are lined with a thin cotton layer that holds all the serum that firms, heals, and protects your skin from free radicals. The outside layer is just a rubbery plasticky material that are actually quite comfortable.

So, all you do is just slip them on like a normal pair of gloves. Theyre free size to fit everyone so theyre a little big. I made sure that my fingertips were snugly pushed in so that it can work on my cuticles. Since they were big, I also had to smooth it over my hands so that the inner layer was actually touching my skin. Since the outer layer is still dry, I was free to carry on with what I was doing while I waited five or so minutes for them to work their magic.

After that, I removed the tips of the gloves by using the perforated lines. They came off fairly easily without ruining the rest of the glove. With my fingertips free, I can leave the gloves on while I work on my manicure. Once my nails dry up and I remove the gloves, it wouldve been on long enough for it to work.

My first impression once I take the gloves off is that I dont feel much of a difference. My hands feel more refreshed but that was all. I assume its one of those products that you need to use frequently to see results.

So, all in all, they do make your home manicures more luxurious but personally, I dont think its affordable enough to use frequently. Its a great product, though, especially with winter weather wreaking havoc on the skin on my hands.

Have you ever tried this product? What did you think?


  1. aww... so cute, just the the feet ones! But first time i see one for our hands <3

    1. Do they have ones for feet? Ive only seen spa socks. I dont think Ive seen a mask like these for feet. Thatd be pretty awesome, lol.