What to Wear in Vegas ft. Vegas.com

I am considering going to Las Vegas in July to celebrate the 21st birthday of a close friend of mine, so when I was approached by Vegas.com about the My Vegas Style challenge, I seized the opportunity to style a lookbook that I can potentially use.


Vegas.com is a website that is the ultimate guide to Las Vegas. It contains a vast range of information from how to get to Las Vegas to what attractions there are. For this challenge, I was tasked with styling a few outfits for some of what the Aria has to offer.


{ Day }

What to Wear in Vegas: Day

The desert in the summer can get uncomfortably hot, so in the daytime when we'll be walking around doing touristy things, we'll want to be wearing something comfortable. This outfit also has to comfortable due to the fact that we'll be sitting in a plane for a couple of hours from Des Moines.

I styled this outfit with red accents to complement the top. I picked these shoes for their comfort, and I included sunglasses because the sun will be glaring. 

{ Dinner }

What to Wear in Vegas: Dinner

For dinner at the Jean George Steakhouse, we'll want to be wearing something classy while still keeping it sultry. The best color combination for when youre trying to achieve class is black and gold. You can never go wrong with it.

Ive been obsessed with the resurgence of the maxi dress trend, so naturally I picked a maxi dress for this. I picked a simple necklace because it wont take away from the deep neckline. I picked these earrings because it goes along with the cutout look.

{ Night }

What to Wear in Vegas: Night

This is the time to hit the town. The club scene in Las Vegas and the "club" scene in Ames is worlds apart, so we'll have to step up our game. When it comes to dressing up for the night, its very easy to fall into looking slutty, which is something that I personally like to avoid. The rule of thumb is to stick to something simple.

I opted for blue for this outfit for Haze because black has already been used for the dinner outfit. This is a simple dress that uses cutouts to make it stand out more. Since we wont want to pack our entire apartments with us, we'll have to transition some pieces of the outfit from dinner. For this case, the shoes and the arm cuff work well with this outfit too. I picked the extra arm party to also make the dress stand out more.

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What would you wear to Las Vegas? What have you worn?

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