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There have been times in my life when I wonder how I ever survived without a smartphone. I only started using a smartphone in 2011, and in these past short few years, I found myself being more organized and more productive. As if smartphones aren't already smart enough, on top of all of the amazing things you can already do with your smartphone, you can now use it as a wallet.

You don't need to carry a planner around anymore because your smartphone acts as one. You don't even have to carry a computer around anymore! Now with brand new technology you don't need to carry your wallet anymore either. Well, your cards at least.

What is this sorcery innovation?

Isis Wallet is a free app that lets you transform your smartphone into a payment device. If you're like me, when you get to the checkout line, you're rummaging around in your purse trying to find your wallet, sometimes holding up the queue behind you. I always have my phone in my hand, so what makes the rummaging harder is trying not to drop my phone. So basically with Isis, since your phone is already in your hands at the checkout line as you wait, why not just use it to pay for your stuff as well once you get to the cashier?

What about compatibility?

To check to see if your phone is capable of NFC (Near Field Communication, the technology that made Isis possible), look through this list of Isis-ready phones:

If it is, great! We can move on to the next step.

Download the Isis Wallet app from the Google Play store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).

For Isis to work on your phone, not only must your phone be compatible, your SIM card has to be also. How do you know if yours is? Launch the app. If you'll need a new SIM, the app will tell you once you open it. A new Isis-ready SIM can easily be obtained from your local AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon store.

Once your smartphone is Isis-ready, it's time to add your cards into your brand new wallet! There are two ways you can pay with Isis:
  • Add any American Express, Chase, or Wells Fargo card. This will be just like paying with your card, but without having to dig your wallet out of your purse.
  • Sign up for an American Express Serve prepaid card. This option works if you don't have any of the cards listed above. With a Serve card, you can fund your Isis account using any bank account. Perk! Signing up for a Serve card gets you $25 towards your account!
Where can you use Isis?

Any merchant that accepts contactless payment accepts Isis Wallet. To see locations near you that accept Isis, check out this list:

This symbol is the one to look for at checkout. To pay, launch the app, select the method you wish to use, then hold the back of your phone up against this symbol.

As if the convenience and ease of use aren't great enough as they are, there are more perks associated with Isis!
  • Jamba Juice. With the 1 Million Free Smoothie campaign, you can get free smoothies if you pay with Isis. Look for the coupon in the app. When you pay with Isis, your smoothie is instantly free, no purchase required, no strings attached. You can literally go to Jamba Juice every day for a free smoothie.
  • American Express Serve. If you choose to pay with this option, you can get $1 back on any purchase more than $1 just by paying with Isis.
  • Coca-Cola Vending Machines. Paying with Isis gets you your first three drinks free! Then, with every ten drinks that you buy using Isis, you get one free!
  • NYC Taxi. If you pay for your cab rides with Isis using American Express, you get 50% back.
Aren't these reason enough to get Isis Wallet? Sign up now!

You can also visit Isis Wallet's Facebook page for latest news and more information.

Have you tried Isis Wallet?

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  1. Very cool! This is so convenient, I need to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

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