The Best Haircuts for Square Faces

We have reached the third installment in this series, and it is about the best haircuts for square faces. I have also previously written a post about the best haircuts for round faces and for oval faces.

As is the drill, if you're unsure of your face shape, here's a helpful chart by The Beauty Department.

Please click to enlarge.

Ok, let us begin exploring the different haircuts that would suit you if you have a square face.

{ Thinned Bob }
   Source: Become Gorgeous

A square face can be offset by a thinned bob. A thinned bob is basically a bob that tapers at the end, right around your jaw line. To style this haircut, spray on some heat protectant to reduce the damage on your hair, then flatiron the ends of your hair. The Pantene Pro-V Heat Protection Spray is a great product that shields your hair from heat damage while still promoting shine.
Pantene Pro-V Heat Protection Spray | $5.99

{ Tousled Shag }
Source: Become Gorgeous

An easy way to offset a square face is to deemphasize the jaw, and a haircut that you can try is the tousled shag. With a tousled shag, the many layers with differing lengths can help divert attention away from the jaw. To make the layers more defined, try the Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme.

Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme | $26

{ Wavy Ends }

Going off of the same principle as the previous hairstyle, this hairstyle can deemphasize any squareness in the jaw. The only difference is that this hairstyle utilizes waves instead of layers. By putting waves in your hair below the ears, attention gets taken away from the jaw. The Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray is a great product to do just that.

Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray | $23

{ Long and Straight }
 Source: Style Craze

If you're not into wavy hair, long, straight hair is the way to go. The length will help soften the hard lines of a square jaw. A nice part also draws attention away from the squareness. The Living Proof Straight Spray is a great product if you opt for a long and straight hairstyle.

Living Proof Straight Spray | $29

So, there you have it: hairstyle ideas for square faces. Thank you for reading! Please check back soon for the last installment in this series, the best haircuts for heart faces.

Do you have a square face? What's your go-to hairstyle? 


  1. This was the perfect first post for me to stumble upon because I have a square face! Thanks for the tips-- I'm contemplating the bob :)

  2. I'm glad you found it helpful! Yay for haircuts!

  3. This doesn't apply to me because my face shape and hair texture don't match but great post either way lol!

    HCXO, Mandisa!

  4. Thanks for posting that flow chart to find your face shape!


  5. Would love to know what you would recommend for fine, quite thin hair and a square face, please!��