New Year's Eve Party Dress Wishlist ft. DressilyMe

New Year's Eve will be upon us in exactly one week, and although I already have something to wear to a party, there is nothing wrong with daydreaming about having a closet full of pretty dresses.

Black Cotton Off-the-Shoulder Sheath Dress | $11.49 $3.45

Black Cotton Sleeveless Sheath Party Dress | $11.90 $3.57

Black Off-Shoulder Mini Dress | $10.99 $7.69

Black V-Neck Lace Dress | $16.42 $4.93

Are you looking at these prices, people? They're ridiculously affordable! Also, this is my favorite dress out of the entire wishlist. I like that it's not just an everyday bodycon dress. The allover lace is gorgeous and takes this dress to another level.

Black-and-White Colorblock V-Neck Dress | $12.99 $9.09

Here's a white dress to offset all of the black from the previous four dresses, haha. I just always think of black when I think of New Year's Eve parties. I guess I see New Year's Eve parties as classy events, and classy for me seems to equate black. Huh.

Beige Maxi Dress | $22.99 $16.09

Black Nylon Maxi Party Dress | $32.84 $9.85

Speaking of classy, how incredible is this dress? It's sexy but sophisticated at the same time! Might I also add that this maxi dress is only $10?

For more New Year's Eve party dress inspiration, check out last week's post for dresses under $100!

Aside from party and special occasion dresses, DressilyMe also specializes in custom dresses! Especially when it comes to wedding dresses, it's always great to get something custom-made to make it even more special. This reminds me of a Rachel and Monica moment on FRIENDS when they blanched at the thought of an off-the-rack wedding dress, haha. Anyway, ordering a custom dress on DressilyMe is as simple as sending them a picture/illustration of your dream dress along with your measurements, and they'll do their best to recreate the dress for you!

Speaking of weddings, there's another special lady that people tend to overlook - the mother of the bride! It's just a special a day for the mother as it is for the daughter! That's why some mothers hand down their own wedding dresses to their daughters. Some people even recreate their parents' weddings. DressilyMe keeps the most important woman in our lives in mind with their gorgeous mother of the bride dresses. I don't know about you, but I'm 100% certain that, when I do get married, my mom will take it as the perfect opportunity to go all out and dress up!

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Here is what I bought:

1. ELF Waterproof Eyeliner in Black, $2
I needed a new felt tip eyeliner but didn't want to splurge on one, so I settled for a cheaper brand. I've never tried this particular product from ELF, but most of their other products don't disappoint, so I'm excited to try it out.

2. Zapzyt Maximum Strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel, $4.09
This acne treatment gel is a favorite on and has received many favorable reviews, so I decided to give it a try.

3. GNC Vitamins A, E, and D Moisturizing Cream, $1.72
I was quite disappointed when I saw how small this product is, but for the price, I guess that should've been expected. I'm still excited to try it out, though!

4. ELF Studio High Definition Powder, $6 (Repurchase)
I don't think I've ever reviewed this product on here, but this is by far the best loose setting powder I have ever tried!

5. ELF Studio Small Angled Brush, $3 (Repurchase)
I use this brush to fill in my eyebrows, and the previous one served its purpose well for more than a year, but the bristles started going rogue, and the paint is peeling, so I got a replacement!

6. Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner, $4.19 (Repurchase)
My sensitive skin really appreciates this toner and how gentle and soothing it is. My main expectation of a toner is actually just to remove any excess dirt that my cleanser didn't get, so I don't need a fancy toner. This one does the job perfectly!

Have you tried any of these products?
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New Year's Eve Party Dresses under $100 ft. DressilyMe

Last week, I shared some Christmas party dresses for less than $50. This week, since the holiday season doesn't end until the start of the new year, I decided to share some dresses for New Year's Eve parties!

Cap Sleeve Black Pencil Dress | $71.46 $39.30

When I think of New Year's Eve party dresses, I always think black, tight, and short. The black, for me, symbolizes an end or a close to celebrate the final hurrahs of the year. As for the tight and short part, there is no better confidence-booster. Pair this dress with some killer heels, and you'll be set to take on the new year! #girlboss, amirite?

Exquisite White V-Neck Dress | $75.93 $41.76

On the flipside, you can opt for a white dress to symbolize a fresh start or a new beginning. I especially like this one because it's knee-length which is neither too long nor too short.

Fabulous Ankle-Length Dress with Beadings | $83.32 $49.99

But why not both? What if you want to celebrate both the ending and the new beginning? Pick a black-and-white dress! This dress would be so perfect coupled with a glittery clutch and glittery heels.

Sweet Lace and Tulle Dress | $128.32 $76.99

If you prefer bright colors over monochrome to put you in a celebratory mood, here's a dress for you. This classic red color is bright and cheerful. You can also match your lipstick to your dress, but take care not to smudge it at midnight! (;

Glamorous Sequined Lace Dress | $141.41 $84.85

If you want to make a statement, but bright colors don't set you apart enough, try a glittery dress. This one is particular is not only attention-grabbing (especially when you step under the lights), but it looks really classy and elegant as well.

Fabulous Chiffon V-Neck Floor-Length Dress with Beadings | $139.98 $69.99

Again, why not both?

DressilyMe is a one-stop shop for affordable wedding apparel such as wholesale bridesmaid dresses. Yes, wholesale - the more you buy, the more you save. After all, there usually are multiple bridesmaids. It's also a great place to buy cheap prom dresses and other special occasion dresses, most notably New Year's Eve party dresses like the ones mentioned in this post. (:

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8 Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Eyes are usually the first thing that people notice, and there are many things that you can do to make them more beautiful. Here are some tips:

Catch up on Zs
Get plenty of sleep. Otherwise, your eyes can look tired. Getting eight hours of sleep every night should help you get brighter eyes. Get yourself into a routine, and you'll notice the benefits right away. There are many smartphone apps out there that can help if that's something that you struggle with.

Use Brightening Eye Drops
Eye drops can help brighten your eyes and wake them up, but avoid cheap eye drops because they might irritate your eyes. If you do experience irritation, immediately stop using the product.

Invest in Good Creams and Serums
Good creams and serums can work wonders to reduce bags, circles, and lines around the eyes. They might seem extortionately priced, but a little product usually goes a long way. Whether you need an anti aging eye cream for workaholics or something just to brighten them up, there's something out there for everyone.

Avoid Using too Many Products
This may sound contradictory to the previous tip, but it's good to use skincare products, just not too much at once. Using too many products around the eye area can make your eyes look puffy. Stick to one product that you really like, and use draining movements towards the temples when applying. Remember to be gentle!

Accentuate with Makeup
Makeup can make a world of difference. Practice with shades that flatter your eye color, use concealer in a triangle below your eyes to lift and brighten them, and know what makeup style suits your eyes.

Curl Your Lashes
Curl your lashes to really open them up before applying mascara. You can even heat them with a hairdryer first. It really makes a big difference!

Buy White Liner
A white liner can help in so many ways. It can make your eyeshadows more vibrant, and it can brighten up your waterline. You can create bigger eyes and even rock a cool 60s look depending on the occasion. A white liner is a great, versatile product, so make sure to keep on lying around!

Pay Attention to Your Eyebrows
Eyebrows make such a big difference to your overall look. They do frame your eyes, after all. HD brows will make the most of your eyebrows while keeping them looking as natural as possible. The goal is to not have big caterpillars above your eyes!

These tips could change the look of your whole face. By just concentrating on your eyes, you can make a difference to your overall appearance; it can help you look younger and just more refreshed and awake. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so make sure yours reflect that!

How do you keep your eyes beautiful?
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New Year's (Beauty) Resolutions

With the end of the year approaching, people are thinking about Christmas and what to wear to festive parties, but a week after Christmas, we'll be celebrating New Year's! January is a time when a lot of people like to have a fresh start and give themselves some resolutions to work on. They can be about any area of your life, but this year, why not create some beauty resolutions? There are probably a few things that you've been meaning to do to improve your beauty routine. Maybe you want better skin or you've been itching to try something new but never got around to doing it. Try these suggestions to set yourself some challenges in 2016.

Stop Bad Habits
Do you have terrible habits that you know are bad for your body? Maybe you smoke, occasionally drink too much, or can't stop eating sweet things. These behaviors can be harmful to your skin, hair, and teeth (and waistline). If you know you should really give these things up, the new year is the perfect time to do it. Smoking used to be seen as sexy, but now, the tables have turned, and many people find it a turn-off. It can be horrible for your skin, hair, teeth, and nails too. Do yourself a favor and switch to using vaping liquid from Flavour Factory instead. You can still go through the motions of having a cigarette, but it's without the tar and real smoke damaging your health. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors, making it more interesting!

Try New Styles
It can be so easy to get stuck in a rut when you're choosing outfits, hairstyles, and makeup. You find a look that works for you, and you stick with it, so you end up with ten dresses in the same style and wearing the same lip color day in and day out. In 2016, why not make it a game to try out new things? Give yourself a beauty challenge to try out a bold new color or to pick up something you wouldn't normally wear. There's no harm in trying something out to see if you like it, and if you don't, you never have to wear it again!

Care for Your Skin and Hair
Your skin and hair deserve plenty of love, and you might know in the back of your mind that you're not giving them enough. They probably do see a lot of makeup and products from you, though. If you know you've been straightening your hair a lot but rarely conditioning it, it's time to make a change. Promise yourself that in the new year, you're going to take care of your skin and hair. Create a new routine to follow that will help keep you looking healthy and glowing. Use the potentially harmful products less. Take advantage of moisturizers, conditioners, and other protective products more. Another important thing you can do is to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Use products with SPF and wear a hat when you can to protect your hair.

Use Ethical Products
It's very difficult to find products that work for you. You have to find the right shade, you want something that lasts, and it has to be within your price range, so deciding to only buy ethical or green products adds another layer of difficulty to an already complex process, but if you've been meaning to be more responsible with your choices, the new year is the perfect time to do it. Start by looking for products that aren't tested on animals, if you haven't already. It's one of the easiest things to find when you want quality products that work well. You can also look for products that use all-natural ingredients to avoid some of the chemicals other products have.

Get More Sleep
You might not realize just how much a good night's sleep can affect your health. If you're sleeping badly, it can make you feel stressed and unwell, but it can also dry out your skin. Lack of sleep will make your eyes look tired and more difficult for your skin to repair itself. Sleep gives your body time to heal, so it's important to give it an adequate chance to work its magic.

Give yourself a challenge in 2016 and aim to fulfill these beauty resolutions. You might just surprise yourself with how well you stick to them!
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Holiday Party Dress Wishlist ft. DressilyMe

Last week, I shared some ideas for holiday party dresses and had a lot of fun looking through those gorgeous dresses, so I decided to create a wishlist of DressilyMe dresses for the holiday season. Even if I can buy all of these dresses, I probably won't end up wearing them all, but a girl can dream.

Red Polyester Dress | $23.99 $16.79

Polyester V-Neck Bodycon Dress | $23.99 $16.79

This is one of the dresses on the website that I can honestly see myself buying. It'll work at a holiday party or for a night out on the town or even at work! For a holiday party, I'd wear heavier, darker makeup. For a night out on the town, I'd wear more in-your-face, glittery makeup and some killer heels. For work, though, I'd throw on a blazer and tights and some flats, and I'm good to go! Yes, this dress is that versatile.

A-Line Lace Dress | $59.98 $29.99

For some reason, when I saw this dress, Christmas immediately came to mind. It might be the dark red paired with the chunky belt that makes this reminiscent of a Santa costume. Anyway, I particularly like the texture of this dress. I'd wear this with a statement necklace and definitely with a red lip and red nails.

High-Collar A-Line Lace Dress | $113.98 $56.99

Chiffon and Stretch Satin Dress | $116.65 $69.99

Last but not least, this dress really caught my attention when I was scrolling through the pages. Doesn't it just look so elegant and sophisticated with the long flowing hem? I'd probably wear this with my hair down and pair it with a sparkly silver clutch.

Besides holiday party dresses, DressilyMe also carries wedding dresses at affordable prices. They're actually known for wedding dresses that won't break the bank. After all, a wedding in itself can cost a fortune, so it's nice to get to save some money on your dress. Check out their a line wedding dresses that start at the super low price of $50 or the fancier ball gown wedding dresses starting at just $80!

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Winter Wedding Dress Ideas ft. Rosa Novias

People tend to give me weird looks when I say that winter is my favorite season, but it honestly is. There is something very tranquil and calming about a snow-covered landscape, and everything is so quiet and muted in the winter. It's all very poetic.

In some ways, winter colors contribute to that. We move from the crazy reds and oranges of the fall to pale, washed-out pastel-type tones. I find them lovely. Because of that, winter weddings are also my favorite. It's basically taking everything that's great about the winter and throwing them into one huge event.

Needless to say, one of the most important centerpieces of every wedding, the bride's dress, usually ends up being super gorgeous.

Lace V-Neck Wedding Dress with Crystal Detailing and Chapel Train | $566.99 $390.98

Chiffon Wedding Dress with Brush Train | $336.99 $240.97

Satin A-Line Wedding Dress with Brush Train | $436.99 $327.98

Tulle A-Line Wedding Dress | $516.99 $327.98

Chiffon V-Neck Wedding Dress | $496.99 $338.99

Aren't these gorgeous? Rosa Novias actually categorizes wedding dresses by season, which I find pretty interesting. These are just some of the wedding dresses that really caught my eye as I was scrolling through the category.

Of course, we can't forget the other lovely ladies who will be accompanying the bride on her special day - the bridesmaids! The bridesmaid dresses on Rosa Novias come in varying colors and styles. My favorite part, though, is how wearable some of them look, in the sense that they're not one-and-done dresses. They look like they'd wear well after the wedding at parties or even at work!

What is your favorite wedding season?

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Game of Thrones Style Inspiration

The first teaser poster for Game of Thrones, one of my favorite television series, was recently released, and, needless to say, I am beyond excited! While I (im)patiently await the arrival of April and the sixth season of Game of Thrones, I decided to create some lookbooks inspired by three of my favorite characters, Cersei, Daenerys, and Margaery.

Cersei Lannister

When I think of Cersei, I think of ponchos and fringes, mainly because she seems to always be wearing something heavy and flowy, so why not a fringed poncho?

Game of Thrones Style Inspiration: Cersei Lannister

Shop this look:

Daenerys Targaryen


Daenerys is a badass; this is common knowledge, but her dresses are always so dainty, so this outfit is girly with delicate accessories, but it comes with combat boots to add some edge.

Game of Thrones Style Inspiration: Daenerys Targaryen

Shop this look:

Margaery Tyrell


Margaery is someone who is always in control, who always keeps her cool. Her style is more elegantly sexy, so this outfit is sophisticated chic.

Game of Thrones Style Inspiration: Margaery Tyrell

Shop this look:

Which outfit is your favorite? Do you have a Game of Thrones inspired lookbook?
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Holiday Party Dresses under $50 ft. DressilyMe

The final month of the year has finally arrived, and that means that the holiday season is fully upon us! If you're already done with putting up the decorations, there's only one thing left to do: prepare to party! Nothing says party-ready like a stunning dress that brightens up the room when you walk in. Unfortunately, dresses, especially during the holiday season, can be quite expensive, so I've compiled a list of holiday dresses that look great and are kind to your pockets!

Elegant Chiffon Strapless Cocktail Dress | $59.98 $29.99

I really like how the top part of this dress is simple and understated while the bottom part is everything but. My favorite part about this dress would have to be the subtle details like the ribbing on the bodice and the asymmetrical ruffles on the skirt.

Chic Chiffon Halter Dress | $59.98 $35.99

This dress is perfect if you want something that's eye-catching but not too in-your-face. Also, the color is perfect for matching your dress to your shoes, lips, and possibly nails.

Elegant Chiffon Sweetheart Evening Dress | $51.41 $35.99

This is probably my favorite dress out of the five. It's sexy in an elegant, sophisticated way, and the dark color isn't too flashy, but the embellishments give it that wow factor. Also, I am in love with that sheer chiffon train! The model in the picture has her hair up, but I think this dress would go great with long curls and maybe a hair chain.

Brilliant Sequins and Embroidery Jewel Dress | $91.98 $45.99

I mentioned in the beginning that you can brighten up a room with one of these dresses, but with this dress in particular, you can sparkle up a room. If you're into party dresses that are bright and playful, this is the dress for you! Pair it with some embellished heels, and you're good to go!

Charming Sheath High Collar Dress | $83.32 $49.99

This is a more understated dress, but it's gorgeous all the same. I especially like the embellished collar; it's really what pushes the dress from a normal sheath dress to a party-ready dress. As is shown in the picture, this dress would go really well with a classic updo.

The dresses shown here only make up a tiny fraction of the special occasion dresses that you can find on DressilyMe. On top of that, they also carry wedding apparel, swimwear, and wholesale evening dresses. The best part is that their prices are affordable.

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