Celebrity Style Inspiration for Any Age: Teens

I have always been a fan of celebrity style. I believe that how you present yourself tells the world something about you, and that holds true for celebrities too. Granted, most of them have personal stylists who pick out their closets for them, but they all still have a set style that channels their personalities.

Either way, celebrities can be a source of inspiration when it comes to fashion, and I have decided that, since this is a new year, a new chance to refresh our wardrobes, I want to start this series to showcase extra fashionable celebrities and how we can take fashion cues from them regardless of age.

In this first installment, we will be looking at teenage celebrities for readers aged 13 to 19.

{ Elle Fanning }

 Source: Celeb Mafia

This look is mainly composed of a loose-fitting V-neck t-shirt, a pair of denim shorts, and a flannel shirt tied around the waist. Shop this look:

Forever 21 Classic V-Neck Tee in White | $3.90

Asos High Waist Denim Shorts in Clapton Mid Wash | $42.41

Forever 21 Tartan Plaid Flannel Popover | $19.90
{ Chloe Grace Moretz }

Source: Who What Wear

This look is mainly composed of a light sweater and a midi skirt. Shop this look:

 Forever 21 Rise of Dawn Mock Neck Baby Girl Sweatshirt | $59.90

Forever 21 Floral Fantasy Midi Skirt | $16.99

{ Bella Thorne }

 Source: Giz Images

This look is mainly composed of a denim jacket over a white tank top paired with printed flowy shorts. Shop this look:

Forever 21 Heathered Side-Vent Tank in Ivory | $13.80

Missguided Rakita Vintage Blue Cropped Denim Jacket | $53.01

H&M Jacquard-Weave Shorts | $29.95

If you enjoyed this post, please check back soon for the next post in this series, Celebrity Style Inspiration for Any Age: 20s.

Who is your celebrity style inspiration?

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