Best Dressed Women at the Oscars Red Carpet

I was watching the Oscars earlier on HBO, and the dresses really blew me away. Celebrities tend to go all-out for red carpet events, and they always look great, but this year's Oscars dresses are exceptionally gorgeous. Because of that, I felt I had to blog about it.

I was speechless when I saw Scarlett Johansson. Green is not a typical color on the red carpet, but she pulls this off so well. And can we talk about that necklace? Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Cate Blanchett looks super classy on the red carpet. She looks like she was born to be on the red carpet! Simple and elegant. A black dress with a statement necklace and an updo that draws it all together.
Lupita Nyong'o looking beautiful as usual. The dress material intrigues me. Is it lace? But it looks heavier and denser than lace. And those rings! They just complement the dress perfectly without drawing attention away from the whole look.
Zoe Saldana! I was looking forward to seeing what she'd show up in. She has a great figure, but we all know an hourglass can be ruined with the wrong dress, but she didn't disappoint. This dress is minimalistic with its nude color and simple bodice, but those folds at the bottom emphasize her hips and just makes the entire look work.
I was unsure of this dress at first, but the more I looked at it, the more Margot Robbie deserves to be on this list. Why? The plunging neckline is so daring, but the long sleeves balance it out. What would otherwise have been trashy (since sheer fabric can also be difficult to pull off as classy) actually turned out really elegant.
These pictures were taken from the Oscars website. For more red carpet looks from the event, please follow the link to the original website.
Who is your pick for best dressed at the Oscars?

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