Summer Dresses in Summer Colors

Dresses are rare in Iowa because the temperature is freezing cold for most of the year, so when summer finally decides to show up, it means that it's time to whip out our hidden arsenal of summer dresses.

This summer, the most popular colors seem to be pink, blue, black, and red.

So, before the temperature starts dropping again, here are some gorgeous yet affordable summer dresses in summer colors.

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Summer Accessories from 10DollarMall

I cannot stress enough the importance of accessories and the impact they have on outfits. A belt can be that "missing thing" your outfit needs. A watch can pull your top and bottom together. A hat can complete your look. The outfits this season are no different. They just require different types of accessories.

In today's post, I will be featuring some summer accessories from 10DollarMall.

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Fathers' Day Non-Material Gift Guide

Let me let you in on a little secret: my dad is impossible to shop for! He's very particular about things like his belt and his wallet, so it's actually best to let him choose those things for himself. He also really hates it when his children spend money on him. Even though I haven't depended on his money in a while, he still believes that I should. Because of that, he appreciates any gifts we buy him (as long as there's a reason for it), but he'll go on and on about how we need to keep our money for ourselves.

Anyway my fallback gift for him for every single celebration is a shirt. He has to wear shirts, and he's less picky about those, so I've come to learn that it's the only thing I can buy him.

This Fathers' Day though I've decided I want to do something a little more special. Why? First, it's because Fathers' Day is so underrated! Everyone makes a huge deal out of Mothers' Day because your mother is the one who carried you around for nine months, etc., and I respect that, but fathers sacrificed a lot for us too! Next, my family never really made too big a deal out of Fathers' Day, and I think that needs to change.

So, what I planned is an evening of his favorite things: good food and good movies. The evening will start with a Japanese buffet and end with a movie that he's been waiting on for a while: Jurassic World.

Gifts don't have to be material especially if your dad is as difficult to shop for as mine, so in this post, I've compiled a list of non-material gifts that you can get your dad this Fathers' Day.

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Groupon Gift Card | $15 to $200

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Hairstyles for Long Hair ft. UU Hair Extensions

I recently chopped off my hair, and I deeply regretted it. Before I went to my hairstylist, my hair reached down to my lower back. I loved it, but it was dry, tangly, and it just wasn't appealing to look at. So, I decided to start over by cutting it all off up to above my shoulder. My hair now looks better, but it's taking forever to regrow!

If you can relate to my experience, I have good news! I recently found a solution to having long hair that isn't as high-maintenance: hair extensions. Of course, I've known about hair extensions for a long time, but I never really considered them because I thought they'd look fake. After some looking around, it turns out that if you use the correct type of hair extensions, they make your hair look extra gorgeous!

Source: Cara Loren

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Review: Saintsco Bee Venom Skincare Products

I received these complimentary products for review purposes with no compensation.


When Saintsco approached me to try out their bee venom skincare products, I was quite excited to say the least. First, I've had great experiences with bee venom products in the past; they work rather well on my skin. Second, when I checked out their website, I was thoroughly impressed; they really know what they're doing! They have glowing testimonials from their customers. Third, they are based in New Zealand, and their products are all naturally sourced from local bees, and we all know how renowned the country is for bee venom.

I took a month to try all four products in the Saintsco Deluxe Royal Pack, and today's post will be dedicated to reviews for these particular bee venom products so that you can decide if this natural Botox treatment is for you.
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