Fathers' Day Non-Material Gift Guide

Let me let you in on a little secret: my dad is impossible to shop for! He's very particular about things like his belt and his wallet, so it's actually best to let him choose those things for himself. He also really hates it when his children spend money on him. Even though I haven't depended on his money in a while, he still believes that I should. Because of that, he appreciates any gifts we buy him (as long as there's a reason for it), but he'll go on and on about how we need to keep our money for ourselves.

Anyway my fallback gift for him for every single celebration is a shirt. He has to wear shirts, and he's less picky about those, so I've come to learn that it's the only thing I can buy him.

This Fathers' Day though I've decided I want to do something a little more special. Why? First, it's because Fathers' Day is so underrated! Everyone makes a huge deal out of Mothers' Day because your mother is the one who carried you around for nine months, etc., and I respect that, but fathers sacrificed a lot for us too! Next, my family never really made too big a deal out of Fathers' Day, and I think that needs to change.

So, what I planned is an evening of his favorite things: good food and good movies. The evening will start with a Japanese buffet and end with a movie that he's been waiting on for a while: Jurassic World.

Gifts don't have to be material especially if your dad is as difficult to shop for as mine, so in this post, I've compiled a list of non-material gifts that you can get your dad this Fathers' Day.

{ Groupon }

Groupon Gift Card | $15 to $200

I found the offer for a Japanese buffet on Groupon, and I love that website specifically for all the non-material gift possibilities. Gifting your dad a Groupon gift card opens him up to a whole selection of experiences he can buy, and it's all up to him what he likes best! Would he like a round of golf? A nice dinner? Auto service for his car? All that and more are heavily discounted on Groupon.

{ Amazon }

Amazon Prime Subscription | $99/year

I was an Amazon Prime subscriber for a few years, and I loved it. The only reason I unsubscribed was because I wasn't going to be in the US for a year, but I'm going back in a couple of months, and I plan on resubscribing. Amazon Prime is basically a service that gives you FREE TWO-DAY shipping on all products that are eligible (which is most of them). The subscription also gets you ad-free streaming to music, movies, and TV shows. It also comes with unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. Last, if your dad's an avid reader, this is especially awesome because Amazon Prime gets you free books every month and also gets you access to the Kindle Lending Library. All of that for just $99/year with an Amazon Prime subscription. Why get those things separately when you can bundle them into one subscription, right?

As an added bonus, if you purchase an Amazon Prime membership for your dad, Amazon will donate an additional $10 for each subscription to the Movember Foundation!

{ B&H Photo Video }

B&H Photo Video | $15.99 to $299.88

When I celebrate Fathers' Day, I plan on taking a lot of pictures to permanently keep those memories. At B&H Photo Video, they're having a huge sale on photo/video equipment specially for Fathers' Day. You can buy them for yourself to capture those memories, or you can purchase one for your dad if he's a photography or videography enthusiast (but that would make it a material gift, lol).

Hopefully you found this guide informative and helpful. It's great to change things up every once in a while. After all, Dad can get bored if he gets a shirt for every single celebration, haha.

What are you getting for your father?

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