Hairstyles for Long Hair ft. UU Hair Extensions

I recently chopped off my hair, and I deeply regretted it. Before I went to my hairstylist, my hair reached down to my lower back. I loved it, but it was dry, tangly, and it just wasn't appealing to look at. So, I decided to start over by cutting it all off up to above my shoulder. My hair now looks better, but it's taking forever to regrow!

If you can relate to my experience, I have good news! I recently found a solution to having long hair that isn't as high-maintenance: hair extensions. Of course, I've known about hair extensions for a long time, but I never really considered them because I thought they'd look fake. After some looking around, it turns out that if you use the correct type of hair extensions, they make your hair look extra gorgeous!

Source: Cara Loren

Source: Jonathan and George Blog

Source: Liz Marie Blog

Don't those look great? They're all hair extensions! Also, the trendiest hairstyle this summer is hair with different colors in them!

Source: Your Hairstyles

Source: Popular Haircuts

Source: The Berry

The latest ombre trend involves coloring the underlayer of your hair to a different color, but if you have shorter hair like me, it can be quite difficult because there's just not enough hair. With hair extensions that lengthen and thicken your hair, it'd be much more possible to achieve looks like the above.

UU Hair Extensions is a hair extension boutique that sells different types of extensions such as 26 inch clip in hair extensions (among other lengths) and 26 inch hair weave. The difference with UU is that they use Remy hair, real human hair, to make their products, and that's the reason their extensions look very realistic because, well, they're actual hair!

Clip in hair extensions are quite easy to use. As the name suggests, you just clip the extensions into your hair.

Hair weaves, on the other hand, are more tricky to use, and I'd recommend you bring them to a hairstylist to put them in for you especially if you're new to it like I am.

The other products by UU Hair Extensions are on sale too, so if you've been contemplating hair extensions, now's the time to try them out!

What are your tips for someone who's new at using hair extensions?

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  1. I have very long hair but it is so hard to keep the curl and I hate applying heat for longer than I have to. I need to look up some heatless curling methods but I love these styles.

  2. I will actually be featuring hair care tips by bloggers in August. You can keep an eye out for that post if you're interested. Although, since you're a blogger yourself, if you'd like to contribute something (especially after finding heatless curling methods that work for you), please email me at, and we can talk more about that.