Review: Saintsco Bee Venom Skincare Products

I received these complimentary products for review purposes with no compensation.


When Saintsco approached me to try out their bee venom skincare products, I was quite excited to say the least. First, I've had great experiences with bee venom products in the past; they work rather well on my skin. Second, when I checked out their website, I was thoroughly impressed; they really know what they're doing! They have glowing testimonials from their customers. Third, they are based in New Zealand, and their products are all naturally sourced from local bees, and we all know how renowned the country is for bee venom.

I took a month to try all four products in the Saintsco Deluxe Royal Pack, and today's post will be dedicated to reviews for these particular bee venom products so that you can decide if this natural Botox treatment is for you.

Before I begin, let me just give you a brief overview of what bee venom skincare products actually are and what they actually do. Yes, it sounds scary to put what is technically poison on your skin, but hear me out: bee venom products use the chemical found in bee stings to trick the skin into thinking that it's been stung, and the skin will do its magic in reaction to the chemical. The result? Firmer, tighter skin, the natural way; hence, "natural Botox treatment."

Saintsco Bee Venom Eye Cream

The first product in the set is the Saintsco Bee Venom Eye Cream.

I have sensitive skin, so my eye area is even more so, and because of that, I'm very particular about the skincare product that I use for it. Personally, I prefer eye gels for my eye area because they're soothing. As a contact lens wearer, there's nothing better than a soothing eye gel at the end of the day. I had my reservations about this product because it's a cream, and eye creams don't sit well with me. I don't like how heavy and greasy they make my eye area feel.

Surprisingly, this sneaky little eye cream does not come with the heavy and greasy feeling of your typical eye cream! I can't explain the texture. It's. . .strange but in a good way. It's light and feels almost gel-like. It applies like a dream! It absorbs well, probably because of the texture, so I wasn't left with a layer of stickiness around my eyes.

But does it work at lifting and firming? Yes. No doubt about it. Again, my eye area is sensitive, and chronic makeup wearing in the past caused my eyelids to be dry, wrinkly, and droopy. After applying this eye cream every night for a month, my eyelids are noticeably firmer and less wrinkly. And guess what? This is my new favorite eye cream.

If you have wrinkly eyelids and want to firm them up, the Saintsco Bee Venom Eye Cream is for you!

Saintsco Bee Venom Face Mask

The second product in the set is the Saintsco Bee Venom Face Mask.

This face mask is the opposite of the eye cream; it is heavy and greasy, but the good thing about this face mask is that there are two ways to go about using it. First, if you're a fan of a luxurious-feeling, heavy night cream to soak on your face overnight, this is the perfect product. You can apply a generous amount of this face mask on your face and sleep with it on. It'll absorb into your skin as you sleep, and you'll wake up with smooth skin. Second, if you're like me and dislike the suffocating feeling of thick, heavy cream, you can keep the cream on for 20 minutes, then wash it off. The downside to this second method is that the result is more temporary, which makes sense because leaving it on overnight gives the product a longer time to work its magic.

If you're a fan of luxurious-feeling sleeping masks, this product will do wonders for your skin!

Saintsco Bee Venom 24CT Gold Serum

The third product in the set is the Saintsco Bee Venom 24CT Gold Serum.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. What you're seeing is really a face serum made out of real gold flakes. Yes, the gold color is from actual gold, not coloring. You might be thinking why the heck there's gold in skincare products and what the purpose is. To be honest, the research I've done hasn't dug up anything that correlates gold to any actual benefit to your skin. However, the gold flakes in this serum does two things: first, the flakes do not absorb into your skin. Instead, they stay on the surface of your skin and reflects light, giving you a natural-looking glow that lasts for a while. Second, the reflection of light also removes fine lines, or well it gives the impression that there aren't any fine lines. It's basically a trick of the light. By taking away the shadows cast onto fine lines, it looks as if your fine lines are gone. Temporarily.

Personally, the gold flakes are not microfine enough for me, so they are quite noticeable especially if you stand under direct light. You won't sparkle like one of Meyer's vampires, but it's just not subtle enough for me to want to wear in the daytime since it is quite sunny here in Malaysia.

I haven't noticed any other benefits of this serum. Maybe it's contributing to the firming of my skin but just overshadowed by the face mask, I'm not sure. I can say though that the serum itself absorbs much more easily compared to other face serums, so that's a plus. If you haven't noticed already, I really like products that absorb easily so that I don't feel a layer something on my face.

This product is great at giving you a natural-looking glow and masking fine lines!

If you think about bee venom products, you're actually putting beesting poison on your body. You'd think that it'd hurt, but they aren't actually supposed to. Granted, you should patch test all bee venom products before actually diving into it, but generally if you're not allergic to beestings, you won't be allergic to bee venom products, and they won't hurt when you apply them. If they do hurt, remove them immediately!

That being said though, bee venom lip plumpers sting (haha geddit?) when you put them on your lips. I don't know why, probably because your lips have thinner skin than your face? Either way, lip plumpers from any brand that I've tried always sting a little bit on my lips. Of course, the feeling shouldn't hurt. It shouldn't be uncomfortable. It should just. . .feel.

Does this lip plumper actually work at plumping lips? Yes, it does. And it's the only lip plumper that's worked on me. It worked really quickly too. I dabbed it on like a normal lip balm, and ten minutes later, my lips already look fuller and firmer. I'm not talking about Jenner lips here, just a teeny bit fuller than what my lips are normally. No lip plumper has ever worked on me before, so that's saying a lot.

This is the only bee venom lip plumper that's worked on me, and it worked in ten minutes!

I'm no stranger to bee venom skincare products, but this range from Saintsco really impressed me. They actually worked, so there's that. Sure, they're on the pricier side of the spectrum, but a little product goes a long way. I'm sure this set will last me for months to come (and I've already used them for a month), so they're definitely worth the price if you're looking to firm up your skin the natural way.

Another point to consider is that no bees are hurt in the process of removing the bee venom for these products, so there's nothing to worry about in that aspect.

If you would like to try out some (or all) of these bee venom skincare products, you can take 10% off your order from the Saintsco website by using coupon code VIP1828*!

Have you ever tried bee venom products? What are your thoughts?


  1. That sounds so luxurious! I really am keen to find out more about these products~ =)

    celly | asian beauty and makeup blog

  2. I definitely recommend it! I've tried a few bee venom skincare brands, but Saintsco's products actually give noticeable results.

  3. This is a brilliant review, so thorough, it was very helpful indeed. You have totally sold me on the eye cream and the mask - both will be going on my shopping list now. Thanks for sharing on #thebeautyloverslinkup x

  4. Wow this is such an amazing pack to receive. I really like the look of the serum, so luxurious! xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Thank you for hosting the linkup! I have found a few new blogs to read. As for the eye cream and mask, I'm glad I was able to help you find new products! Don't forget to use VIP1828* to get 10% off your order!

  6. Yes, and it's so great to use! It absorbs extremely well, and it has a really nice powdery scent.