Hair Care Tips for Thick Curly Hair by Blogger Meg B

Last week, I featured Tiffany Khyla White, the blogger behind Endless Bliss, and her personal hair care tips for her long thick hair.

For today's post, Meg B from She Puts Her Makeup On shares with us her hair care tips for thick curly hair.

My favorite tips and tricks for my hair are ones I've learned through trial and error. I have always had very thick, curly hair that is hard to manage. If it's humid, it gets insanely frizzy. If I straighten it and it then rains out and I get rained on, forget it! I used to straighten it ALL the time because I never knew how to get it to stay curly without being frizzy and out of control. Once I finally learned to deal with it, it's made my life much easier!

Never brush curls
This is probably the most obvious. Use a thick comb in the shower once you've got your conditioner in your hair, but that's it! That's all I ever do as far as combing goes because, for me, the littlest bit of combing through dry curls makes them look horrible!

Always use a good shampoo and conditioner
Yes, they can be pricey, but I've learned that they make all the difference. I can't get the same results with Suave as I can with my favorites. For drugstore level, I prefer Beyond the Zone's Noodle Head line. For higher end, I LOVE Fekkai's Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. They smell so good and make your hair incredibly soft while still making your curls look nice.

Use a good styling product to keep frizz away
Nexxus makes a great styling cream called Frizz Defy. I also like to always use a little bit of some kind of hair oil on my tips. Currently, the one I am loving is the Arvazalia Argan Treatment.

Let your hair air dry
Curls look much better this way!

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To see and to read more about Meg's natural curls and how she keeps them beautiful and healthy, head on over to her blog at She Puts Her Makeup On.

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