Sasa and Watsons Haul

I recently bought some items from Sasa and Watsons in Malaysia. Sasa is a retailer of beauty products, and Watsons is a drugstore.

These are the things that I bought:

  1. Sasatinnie Aloe and Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask - This is a moisturizing sheet mask. I have tried almost all the sheet masks from Sasa, and this is still my favorite. You can read my reviews of other Sasatinnie masks here and here.
  2. Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Body Lotion - This is a moisturizing body lotion. I received free samples when I bought tickets to Ted 2 (I don't know why) and instantly fell in love with it, so I bought the full size.
  3. Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair Body Lotion - This is a whitening body lotion. It came free with my purchase of the Total Moisture lotion.
  4. Watsons Electric Power Toothbrush - This is pretty self-explanatory.
  5. Skinlite Green Tea Makeup Cleansing Tissues - This is a makeup remover wipe. These come in Green Tea, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Orange. I've previously tried Cucumber and Aloe Vera, and I can't seem to find the Orange version anywhere.
  6. Skinlite Rejuvenating Orange Pads - This is a rejuvenating eye mask.
  7. Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads - This is a cooling eye mask. I've tried these before. They're eye masks that look like cucumber slices, and they're super refreshing, perfect for a DIY spa night.
  8. Sasatinnie Rose Hip Oil Tightening and Rejuvenating Silky Mask - This is a rejuvenating sheet mask.
  9. Sasatinnie Pomegranate and Collagen Lifting Silky Mask - This is a lifting sheet mask.

Whenever I'm in Malaysia, I have to go to Sasa and Watsons to get my hands on these amazing products. The majority of these are repurchases. I love them, but they're really difficult to find (or they're super costly to buy) in the US.

What are your thoughts on Asian beauty products?

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