Braids for Long Hair ft. UU Hair Extensions

As my hair slowly grows back out, I can only sit and sigh in awe as I look at girls with long flowy hair with a delicate braid running through it. Braids and knots are super trendy this season. So many girls on campus are sporting the look.

Source: Byrdie

Source: Buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed

Unfortunately for girls like me who have shorter hair, braids don't usually turn out as nicely. So, I'm back to looking at hair extensions to tide me over until my hair is back in all of its full-length glory.

I've previously talked about UU Hair Extensions in this post, but I'd like to revisit that idea of using hair extensions to achieve long hairstyles. I'm bringing UU back because they do have one of the cheapest clip in hair extensions while still being Remy human hair.

16 Inch Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions | $100 $51.32

18 Inch Golden Brown Clip In Hair Extensions | $260 $135.55

20 Inch Dark Auburn Clip In Hair Extensions | $270 $145.99

UU Hair Extensions pride themselves in selling the best quality hair extensions at affordable prices. As you can see from the prices above, they constantly have sales to mark down already low prices. Their lengths range from 16 inches to 28 inches, and they come in natural colors that will match any hair color.

So, until my hair grows back to its original 28 inches, and I actually nurse it back to health, I'll have to depend on things like clip in hair extensions for short hair if I want to do long hairstyles.

This post is sponsored by UU Hair Extensions.

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