Holiday Party Dresses under $50 ft. DressilyMe

The final month of the year has finally arrived, and that means that the holiday season is fully upon us! If you're already done with putting up the decorations, there's only one thing left to do: prepare to party! Nothing says party-ready like a stunning dress that brightens up the room when you walk in. Unfortunately, dresses, especially during the holiday season, can be quite expensive, so I've compiled a list of holiday dresses that look great and are kind to your pockets!

Elegant Chiffon Strapless Cocktail Dress | $59.98 $29.99

I really like how the top part of this dress is simple and understated while the bottom part is everything but. My favorite part about this dress would have to be the subtle details like the ribbing on the bodice and the asymmetrical ruffles on the skirt.

Chic Chiffon Halter Dress | $59.98 $35.99

This dress is perfect if you want something that's eye-catching but not too in-your-face. Also, the color is perfect for matching your dress to your shoes, lips, and possibly nails.

Elegant Chiffon Sweetheart Evening Dress | $51.41 $35.99

This is probably my favorite dress out of the five. It's sexy in an elegant, sophisticated way, and the dark color isn't too flashy, but the embellishments give it that wow factor. Also, I am in love with that sheer chiffon train! The model in the picture has her hair up, but I think this dress would go great with long curls and maybe a hair chain.

Brilliant Sequins and Embroidery Jewel Dress | $91.98 $45.99

I mentioned in the beginning that you can brighten up a room with one of these dresses, but with this dress in particular, you can sparkle up a room. If you're into party dresses that are bright and playful, this is the dress for you! Pair it with some embellished heels, and you're good to go!

Charming Sheath High Collar Dress | $83.32 $49.99

This is a more understated dress, but it's gorgeous all the same. I especially like the embellished collar; it's really what pushes the dress from a normal sheath dress to a party-ready dress. As is shown in the picture, this dress would go really well with a classic updo.

The dresses shown here only make up a tiny fraction of the special occasion dresses that you can find on DressilyMe. On top of that, they also carry wedding apparel, swimwear, and wholesale evening dresses. The best part is that their prices are affordable.

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