New Year's Eve Party Dress Wishlist ft. DressilyMe

New Year's Eve will be upon us in exactly one week, and although I already have something to wear to a party, there is nothing wrong with daydreaming about having a closet full of pretty dresses.

Black Cotton Off-the-Shoulder Sheath Dress | $11.49 $3.45

Black Cotton Sleeveless Sheath Party Dress | $11.90 $3.57

Black Off-Shoulder Mini Dress | $10.99 $7.69

Black V-Neck Lace Dress | $16.42 $4.93

Are you looking at these prices, people? They're ridiculously affordable! Also, this is my favorite dress out of the entire wishlist. I like that it's not just an everyday bodycon dress. The allover lace is gorgeous and takes this dress to another level.

Black-and-White Colorblock V-Neck Dress | $12.99 $9.09

Here's a white dress to offset all of the black from the previous four dresses, haha. I just always think of black when I think of New Year's Eve parties. I guess I see New Year's Eve parties as classy events, and classy for me seems to equate black. Huh.

Beige Maxi Dress | $22.99 $16.09

Black Nylon Maxi Party Dress | $32.84 $9.85

Speaking of classy, how incredible is this dress? It's sexy but sophisticated at the same time! Might I also add that this maxi dress is only $10?

For more New Year's Eve party dress inspiration, check out last week's post for dresses under $100!

Aside from party and special occasion dresses, DressilyMe also specializes in custom dresses! Especially when it comes to wedding dresses, it's always great to get something custom-made to make it even more special. This reminds me of a Rachel and Monica moment on FRIENDS when they blanched at the thought of an off-the-rack wedding dress, haha. Anyway, ordering a custom dress on DressilyMe is as simple as sending them a picture/illustration of your dream dress along with your measurements, and they'll do their best to recreate the dress for you!

Speaking of weddings, there's another special lady that people tend to overlook - the mother of the bride! It's just a special a day for the mother as it is for the daughter! That's why some mothers hand down their own wedding dresses to their daughters. Some people even recreate their parents' weddings. DressilyMe keeps the most important woman in our lives in mind with their gorgeous mother of the bride dresses. I don't know about you, but I'm 100% certain that, when I do get married, my mom will take it as the perfect opportunity to go all out and dress up!

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