Weekly Reading | June 19, 2016


Some of you may know about the year-long hiatus from blogging that I took involuntarily when other aspects of my life consumed me. In that timeframe, I lost 80% of my readers and have since then been trying to build my blog and my readership back up (from the ground, basically). It's slow going, and it's tedious, and I sometimes wonder why I still do it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. We all love our blogs. Sometimes, we just need someone to give us a little push. Well, here are three someones.

"My 5 Blogging Mistakes" via A Little Dose of Makeup
"How to Get Featured by Bloglovin" via The Private Life of a Girl


As the summer peeks over the horizon, we are slowly phasing out our layers of face products in favor of lighter (or even fewer) products. That's why it's increasingly important to turn to other ways of keeping your face in tip-top condition.

"3 Ways to Clean Your Brushes" via Charlotte Christmas
"What to Eat and Drink for Better Skin" via Because I'm Addicted


I would first like to point out that this smorgasbord of articles from one source was not planned. It just turned out that, since it's the end of the academic year, a lot of college-related posts are being published, and Society 19 is one of those websites that have a college focus. Nevertheless, these articles might come in handy for those of you who are incoming college freshmen.

For lifestyle, food, and home posts, check out the previous Weekly Reading.

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