Weekly Reading | June 26, 2016


Following on the heels of last week's blogging posts, here are more tips and tricks to help us on our blogging journeys.

"How to Generate Blog Post Ideas" via Melyssa Griffin
"How to Create Catchy Headlines" via Elle and Company


Now that summer is officially here, and we can't do anything about the heat, let's just get comfortable.

"Spring to Summer" via Night Chayde
"Comfortable Summer Fabrics" via Style by Jules


I'm always up for trying new food, or at least live eat vicariously through others.

"The Easy Green Juice" via Bonjour Luce
"7 Incredible Veggie Burger Recipes" via Natasha Alexandrou on Bloglovin
"A Taste of Turkish Street Food" via A Pair of Ones

For more blogging posts as well as beauty and college posts, check out the previous Weekly Reading.

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