Weekly Reading | August 28, 2016


The final moments of summer vacation is your final chance to get some fun in before you go back to school!

"Theme Park Checklist" via Dani Dearest
"The 10 Biggest Packing Mistakes You're Making" via Department of Wandering


Work wear can be challenging to nail down.

"My Fashion Interview Outfit" via Milan Darling


School has already started back up for me, but here are some tips for incoming freshmen (domestic and international) who are starting their first week of college tomorrow!

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DIY Spa Night

If your week was anything like mine, you must be exhausted at this point (which is made worse by the fact that I won't actually have a weekend this week). Be it due to work or school or anything in your life that tires you out to the verge of tears, we need a night to just relax and unwind. Trips to the spa can hurt your wallet (and time), so for times when you want or need to pamper yourself at home, here are some ways to make it as luxurious as a fancy trip to the spa.

Create the Mood

To be able to fully relax and unwind, you need to create an atmosphere. Light some scented candles, play some soothing music, grab a glass of wine, and pull up your favorite show on Netflix (which spas don't have). Now that you have the spa ambience down, let the pampering begin!

DIY Beauty Treatments

There is a whole host of beauty treatments that you can whip up yourself, using ingredients that you already have on hand. You can make face masks from bananas, oats, yogurt, and honey. You can make hair masks from egg whites or coconut oil. All you need to do to find these recipes is hit up Pinterest or even Google. There really is no need to splurge on expensive beauty products (unless you plan on having spa nights on a regular basis, in which case you might prefer more luxurious, store-bought options).


Our teeth are often forgotten about when it comes to pampering even though it is also an integral factor in how we look and even how we feel. One way to pamper your teeth is to whiten them. You can incorporate this step into your spa night by just looking for the best whitening strips for you.

Hands and Feet

One of the most popular pampering activities is a mani-pedi. These are rather expensive to get at a salon, especially considering how easy it is to create the same look at home for much cheaper. To do so, start with a good hand cream. Then, file your nails and cut your cuticles. Finish off with nail polish of your choice, including a base and top coat. Then, you're good to go! If you're looking for more complex designs than just a swipe of color, there are cute nail designs that you can try. While you're doing your nails, you can even pop your feet into a foot spa. If you don't have one at home, you can DIY it! Just fill a large bowl with warm water and essential oils. It's that easy!

How do you prefer to pamper yourself?
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Weekly Reading | August 14, 2016


Last week, I found some helpful tips on shopping sales. Then, once the hauling is done, it will be time to break in those new heels and plan a new wardrobe.

"4 Ways to Wear Heels Without the Pain" via Career Girl Daily
"How to Plan a Minimal Wardrobe" via The Private Life of a Girl


I also found more compelling reasons for me especially to get off of my butt and exercise more.


Once again, I did not plan for all three articles to be from the same source. Society 19 just pumps out more college-related articles than any of the other blogs I follow.

"10 Tips for Moving into Your Dorm" via Society 19
"15 Reasons to Consider Community College" via Society 19
"Money Saving Tips to Help You Travel on a College Budget" via Society 19

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My Everyday Makeup (but with Glasses) ft. GlassesShop*

Here is a fun fact for you: I posted my last makeup tutorial three years ago! It was a pink eyeshadow look for a wedding. Believe it or not, not much has changed since then except that I now have a better relationship with my eyebrows.

This is not going to be a tutorial post. I will just be discussing my favorite makeup products and how I incorporate them into my everyday look.

For my face, I start by priming with the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and use the Catrice 12H Matt Mousse Foundation in Soft Ivory, set with the ELF High Definition Translucent Powder. Then, I lightly bronze with the Benefit Hoola Bronzer and add some Benefit Dandelion Blush to my cheekbones.

Then, I fill in my eyebrows with Sleek from the TheBalm Nude'tude Palette and the lighter shade from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown. For my lips, I first buff with the ELF Clear Lip Exfoliator, then apply a generous amount of the Peripera Peri's Tint Jelly.

For my eyes, I first prime with the Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion and just sweep Sin from the Urban Decay Naked Palette all over my eyelids. The cat eye is achieved with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper as a base and sharpened with the ELF Liquid Liner in Jet Black. I then tightline with the Wet N Wild Color Icon Kohl Eyeliner and finish with a couple of coats of the Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black.

Not only do I love this routine because it is easy to do, but I also love it because I have the option to slap on my glasses and completely change the look of my outfit for the day. To be completely honest, I like that it makes me look older and thus more credible when I teach.

This pair that I have on is from GlassesShop. My eyesight is terrible, so my prescription tends to make it so that the lenses in my glasses are super thick and, as a result, super heavy. However, these ones are lightweight, which I really appreciate because, as you can see from the picture above, the bigger frames that I prefer always end up resting right above my nose stud, so heavy glasses like my previous pair sometimes pull on it, which obviously hurts.

GlassesShop is the way to go if you are looking for some new prescription eyeglasses or just cheap glasses in general. They even stock prescription sunglasses!

As a bonus, you can take 50% off your purchase of glasses or sunglasses, which also come with free lenses! Just use the coupon code GSHOT50 at checkout.

How do you do your everyday makeup?

*This complimentary product was provided for review consideration.
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