Weekly Reading | August 14, 2016


Last week, I found some helpful tips on shopping sales. Then, once the hauling is done, it will be time to break in those new heels and plan a new wardrobe.

"4 Ways to Wear Heels Without the Pain" via Career Girl Daily
"How to Plan a Minimal Wardrobe" via The Private Life of a Girl


I also found more compelling reasons for me especially to get off of my butt and exercise more.


Once again, I did not plan for all three articles to be from the same source. Society 19 just pumps out more college-related articles than any of the other blogs I follow.

"10 Tips for Moving into Your Dorm" via Society 19
"15 Reasons to Consider Community College" via Society 19
"Money Saving Tips to Help You Travel on a College Budget" via Society 19

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