A Versatile Fall Dress ft. eShakti*

This dress from eShakti is quickly becoming a staple in my closet. It's easy to dress up (I wore it to a wedding) and down (I've worn it to school). Plus, it's comfortable! There are also a couple of hidden treasures. There's a clasp at the neckline that you can fasten or remove depending on how much you want to show. There are also tiny clasps on the inside of the shoulders for securing bra straps! Overall, this is a well-made, high-quality dress.

Let's talk about eShakti's ordering process for a second. eShakti boasts customization as its number one selling point, but the level of customization is insane! You know when you find an amazing piece of clothing that you really want, but if only it fit right or if only it had a longer hem? With eShakti, you put in your measurements with your order, and the piece is custom made for you! On top of that, with this dress, I really liked the color, cloth, and that little wraparound detail in the front, but I really didn't like the original cap sleeves and above-knee hem, so I customized that as well. I requested the elbow-length sleeves in the picture, and I also requested an ankle-length hem. It all fit perfectly!

I'm also currently looking at a couple of other dresses that I'm considering buying.

I really like the color and length of this dress, but I'm thinking a scoop neck would look better on me.

On the other hand, I really like this dress as is, so I'll probably just enter my measurements.

For inspiration on how other bloggers have customized their dresses to match their individual styles, you can follow eShakti on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

What are your thoughts on customizable clothing?

*This complimentary product was provided for review consideration.

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