Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There are many reasons people wear makeup, and regardless of the reason, it is possible to do it--that is, applying makeup--wrongly, and I know I talk about mistakes a lot (I've even previously covered common makeup mistakes) but it's only because I'm guilty of so many of them, so it's fun for me to share my mishaps and misadventures with y'all to maybe get some commiseration.

Anyway, I bring up reasons because I don't want this post to be misconstrued as being one about how your makeup is making you look older, or it's making you look trashy, so ya need to cut it out. I bring up reasons because some people, women especially, do wear makeup for the sole purpose of looking older. There are some industries (ahem, education, ahem) where your apparent age can dictate how you're treated.

Therefore, the mistakes that I mean in this post are those that detract from your makeup, regardless of reason.

Wearing the Wrong Foundation

The wrong foundation, then, is not foundation that makes you look older or that draws the color from your face because, again, there are people who wear makeup for the sole purpose of looking paler, and I'm not going to go into detail about this because I can legit write an entire post about it.

The wrong foundation is foundation that feels uncomfortable on your face. If it makes you break out, if it makes your face extra oily, if it dries out your face, it's the wrong foundation. We tend to think if it's the right shade, it's the right foundation. I can just blot my face or spritz water on it throughout the day, right? I mean, yeah, but why put yourself through all that trouble?

Buy instead a foundation that's already right for your skin type. Not sure if it is? Try a sample out first. Sephora especially is pretty generous with their foundation samples. Ask for some and try them out for a few days. This'll also help with determining how long it'll take you to put it on because no one wants to wake up hella early just to make sure you have time to get your foundation just right.

Wearing the Wrong Blush

Like foundation, blush can also be uncomfortable to wear, but another thing that's easy to mess up with blush (probably even easier than with foundation) is the color. When you choose to wear blush, chances are you want it to have some sort of effect, but sometimes, the blush doesn't even show up on your face! This is something that I especially struggle with because I tend to play it safe when buying blush and end up choosing one that's way so light for my skin tone that it doesn't even look like I have blush on.

A rule of thumb that I've since found out is that pinks and peaches work well on fair to medium skin tones, while corals and oranges work well on medium to dark skin tones.

Skipping Brows

Here's another cliché for you: brows frame the face, so when you don't do anything with them, it looks like something's missing. You can do as little as brush them down with some transparent gel or as much as draw them in and define them with pencil, so long as you don't leave them as they are. It takes a lot of getting used to if filling in your brows isn't something you do on a regular basis or any basis at all, but they're so worth it because, since we're on the cliché train, practice makes perfect.

For some of my favorite foundations, blushes, and brow products as well as a look at how I do my everyday makeup, check out my everyday makeup post.

What are your favorite foundations, blushes, and brow products?

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