Weekly Reading | November 15, 2018


Let's get down to business basics this week. I feel like I've been neglecting this category lately while I read up on other topics, so it's about time I reacquaint myself with some beauty basics like at-home gel nails, eyebrow products, and skin care.

"Eyebrow Essentials on Fleek" via A Pint-Sized Life


It's back to basics with fashion as well, and last week, I found a post about sweater dresses for all budgets. I love sweater dresses so much, so it was a great roundup for me, at least. Another basic is how to mix patterns for fall style. Then, Elizabeth of Lizzie in Lace wrote about transitioning one of the hardest patterns to work with: tweed.

"Pattern Mixing for Fall" via Sunny Side Cecilia


For blogging basics, I found a roundup of free courses and webinars for creatives, e.g., bloggers. I also found a list of important info for us to include in our Instagram bios. As for the last post, it's something that resonates with me a lot because it's something I've always believed in: blogging is a community, not a competition. People tend to wonder why I have so many posts and series where I show other bloggers' content, like my Style Ideas by Bloggers series or this Weekly Reading series. My answer is always, "Why not?" As much as I love getting my content out there, I still feel like hey, we're writing about the same stuff. We should acknowledge one another's work and share it instead of competing to get more views on posts about the same topic. But that's just me. 🐸☕

"The 4 Best Free Courses and Webinars for Creatives" by Emily Hester
"5 Things Every Blogger Should Have in Their Instagram Bio" via Kayla in the City
"Why We Need to Remember that Blogging is a Community" via Creatively Lauren

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What are some of your favorite beauty, fashion, and/or blogging basics?

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