Weekly Reading | November 22, 2018


I have a list of blog post ideas that I turn to whenever I'm stuck on what to write about, but there are still those times when I'm super uninspired and nothing sounds fun to write, and I'm strictly of the belief that if you're not feeling what you're writing, you need to write about something else because boredom and apathy show very glaringly in writing, so last week, I read a post about wtf to write about when you're just blah about the topics at hand.

I also used to take hella pictures whenever I had the time to so that I'd have a cache of pics to use for blog posts, so I also read a post on how to edit images easily and quickly but still get amazing results. Nowadays, I mostly rely on royalty-free stock photos from sites like Pexels and Pixabay, but here's a post about how to make the best use of stock photos.

"Photoshop 101: How I Edit My Images" via Atlantic-Pacific
"Complete Guide to Stock Photos" via She Bold Stock


Moving on, I also read college-related posts. I'm not in college anymore (Class of '14 for my B.A. and '17 for my M.A.), but I still enjoy reading and sharing these posts because I've learned and grown so much throughout college that a lot of those skills are still relevant to this day for me. No joke, I've considered rebranding ExtraExtravagant as a college blog, but I'm not as in the know-how as I am with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics, so I've never been brave enough to take that leap. Maybe when I start more seriously considering a Ph.D... 😛


Another pretty dominant part of college (apart from stress eating) is relationships. Of course, not everyone wants to or has the time to (or any other myriad reasons) pursue romantic relationships in college, but many do, so here are some posts on red flags to look out for. There's also a post on how to tell your partner (romantic or just casually sexual) when you find out you have an STI. Plus, a post on tips for meeting your significant other's family, just in time for the holiday season! 😉

"5 Deal-Breaker Personality Traits & 4 to Give a Second Chance" by Margeaux Biché
"How to Tell Your Partner You Have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)" by Jen Bell
"10 Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Family" via Eyeliner Wings & Pretty Things

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What are some relationship red flags that are deal breakers for you?

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